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Celebrating UN Anti- Racism day

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The trade union movement must be at the heart of the struggle for racial justice. A message from Frances O'Grady for UN Anti - Racism day.

I'm so proud to bring you solidarity on behalf of the team TUC and a union movement that is six million strong.

We're hear to  celebrate the UN Anti-Racism day and our message from the trade union movement is clear, no matter what background you come from, whatever your race or religion, we as  working people stand together and we stand proud.

And I have another message for all those who try and deny racism or to pit culture wars against migrants and asylum seekers, against LGBT people and against Irish Travellers - we are not having it! Working people will not be divided, we stand together and we stand firm.

And we got three big priorities that we want you, the whole movement to join us in fighting for. Firstly, we want that Covid  public inquiry to tell us why it is that black workers were so much more exposed on the frontline than other workers. Why it was that black workers paid the highest price. Why care workers didn't even have proper PPE. We want answers and we demand them now.

Secondly, we will continue our fight for equality of work. That means equality in promotion, in opportunities, in fair treatment and respect. And it means a ban on those zero hours contract that hold down all workers, but especially black women workers. We want them banned now and we want an end to low pay. It is high time that the whole of Britain got the pay rise that we deserve.

Finally, we have to be on the frontline of that global struggle against the far right and the radical right. Trade unionism is about working people standing together and we will always stand against fascism in any form.

So, our solidarity to you, you know that if we as working people, we stick together, we stand proud, we will win together!

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