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Applying for media or external visitor credentials

The 155th Congress will be held at the ACC in Liverpool 10-13 September

Please do not use this page to apply for union credentials. Delegates and visitors from unions should email with any queries about delegation.

Apply for media credentials

All applicants for media credentials must complete an online registration form. The data that you input will be used to mail merge the covering letter we send out with your pass so please take care over the entry, particularly with postcodes.

If you have any queries or require any further information, please contact: Daniel Shannon-Hughes on 020 7467 1334 or

Apply now for a media pass

You should select option 3 or 4 on the first page and then choose 'media' from the drop down list of categories on the second page.

You will need to upload a passport-style head and shoulders picture.

Apply now for media credentials

Deadline for media passes

Applications for media passes are free and must be completed no later than noon on Tuesday 15 August. Any applications received after this date will be processed when possible and may be subject to delay.

Late applications will be subject to a £75 + VAT administration fee.

Passes will be processed and sent out from the middle of August.

This conference has free wifi throughout the conference venue.

Apply for external visitor credentials

Visitors wanting to attend Congress as: students; or individual trade union members; and/or on behalf of non-union organisations can download this form.

Tickets are £70 + VAT for students and non-profit organisations, and £175 + VAT for all others.

Organisations/unions may be asked to vouch for the bona fides of applicants. Please note the TUC reserves the right to refuse to issue visitors’ credentials.

By providing the information on the form you are consenting to your details being processed by the TUC for the purposes of Congress 2023 only.

N.b There is a separate form held by unions if you are applying through your union.

Photo requirements

Credentials display your picture, so please email your photo to The file name should clearly name the visitor and the covering email should give the name of your union/organisation. We will use a digital camera at Congress to process applications on the spot.

Deadline for external visitors

Please apply for external visitor credentials before 4 August. Any applications made after this date will be issued at Congress in Liverpool.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

To access the admin area, you will need to setup two-factor authentication (TFA).

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