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About the campaign - Better Buses day of action

We’re campaigning for better, publicly controlled buses across Yorkshire, because our buses should be run for people not profit.

What is the day of action? 

Bus transport is in crisis. When the government’s emergency funding ends, it is likely that we will see a significant contraction of services as operators focus on core profit making routes.

With devolution affording new powers and funding for public control of buses, there is an urgent opportunity for bus campaigners to pressure decision makers in committing to bus franchising.

The current system is a wild west free market where private operators can do what they want. This day of action will pressure decision makers to reject that system and support public control, which puts passengers before profit.

Our objective

Get council leaders to a public zoom meeting to hear from activists about why they need to take buses into public control

The council leaders we want to meet

  • West Yorkshire: Cllr Judith Blake, Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe, Cllr Shabir Pandor, Cllr Tim Swift, Cllr Denise Jeffrey
  • South Yorkshire: Cllr Sir Steve Houghton, Cllr Chris Read, Cllr Julie Dore, Mayor Ros Jones
  • York & North Yorkshire: Cllr Keith Aspden (York), Cllr Andy d’Agorne (York), Cllr Carl Les (North Yorks)

Two actions you can take

1. Join the zoom call

The more people we have on the call, the more pressure that puts our leaders under to act

2. Write to your local council leader

Make sure they join our Zoom meeting for better buses.

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