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Fringe events - Congress 2021

We have a fantastic range of fringe meetings taking place so you can join the debate around key issues for the trade union movement both in the UK and around the world.

Sign up to your preferred events from our calendar below. 

Please note, unless stated otherwise, fringes are organised externally. While the TUC lists these events in good faith, we cannot be held responsible for the content.

Quick glance

Sunday 12 September

12pm Jobs, workers’ rights and Brexit by Labour Movement for Europe 

12pm Social care: a new deal for the workforce by TUC  

5.45pm Fighting back against the far right for LGBT+ equality by: TUC LGBT+ Committee 

6pm Labour's Trade Policy: Putting Workers First by Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade  

6.30pm Bringing Climate Justice and Worker Solidarity to COP26 by Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group 

6.30pm A New Deal for Workers by Institute of Employment Rights and the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom 

6.45pm Tackling Structural Racism at Work by TUC Anti-Racism Taskforce  

Monday 13 September

12.30pm Nurses not Nukes: Nuclear Disarmament in the Age of Covid-19 by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament  

12.30pm New Opportunities for Trade Union Education by GFTU 

12.30pm Climate Jobs now: Skills, Training and Union Rights to Meet the Climate Emergency by Greener Jobs Alliance 

12.30pm Fighting for Justice - Fair Pay for Key Workers by Trade Union Coordinating Group 

12.30pm The Algorithmic Workplace: Collective Power in an Age of Technological Control by TUC (in partnership with Prospect and UNISON) 

5.30pm Covid-19 and Trade Unions: Lessons from Israel and the UK by Britain-Israel Trade Union Dialogue (BITUD) 

5.30pm A Champion of Dignity at Work: The TUC in the Citrine Era by History and Policy Trade Union and Employment Forum 

5.30pm Has First Past the Post worked for workers? by Politics for the Many 

5.30pm Stop fire-and-rehire by TUC, supported by the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group 

6.30pm Is it Time for a Living Pension? by TUC 

6.45pm Solidarity with Cuba - Resisting 60 years of Blockade and Intervention by Cuba Solidarity Campaign 

6.45pm Make Bosses Pay: Why we need Unions by TUC

Tuesday 14 September

12.30pm How to talk about the economy by Centre for Labour and Social Studies 

12.30pm Solidarity with the Kurdish People and the Need for Peace and Democracy by GFTU 

12.30pm Trade Unions Resisting State Violence in Colombia by Justice for Colombia 

12.30pm Pensions - After Years of Being Ripped Off, Time for a Fightback by Public and Commercial Services Union 

12.30pm Can Tech Help Boost Worker Power? by Resolution Foundation 

12.30pm COVID Public Inquiry - Delay, Scope and Process by Thompsons Solicitors 

12.30pm The Harmful Gambling Workplace Charter- A Trade Union Issue and Resource by Unite 

12.30pm Garment Workers: Still Paying the Price for the Pandemic by War on Want 

1.30pm Future-Proof Every Workplace: How Trade Unions can Lead a Just Climate Transition in Every UK Industry by TUC 

2pm The Future of Work - Mobilising for a New Deal by Morning Star

5.30pm Palestine: from Apartheid to Freedom, Justice and Equality by PSC - Palestine Solidarity Campaign 

5.30pm Achieving gender equality in pensions by Prospect 

5.30pm Climate and Workers Crisis: Building a Programme to Transition to a Just Economy by Trade Union Co-ordinating Group 

5.30pm Long Covid and Women’s Health and Safety in the Workplace by TUC 

6.45pm After Covid: Rebuilding the Arts and Culture Sector by Artists' Union England (AUE) 

6.45pm Why we Need 'The Right To Food' by BFAWU 

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Sunday 12 September 

Jobs, workers’ rights and Brexit 

Sunday 12 September, 12pm

Labour Movement for Europe 

Speakers will address: - Why is Brexit causing UK jobs to be lost and relocate to the EU? What EU- derived workers' rights are at risk of being repealed by this Tory government and what future workers’ rights will the UK miss out because of Brexit? How should Labour do future trade deals differently to protect UK jobs?  
Chair: Seb Dance, former Labour MEP and chair of the Labour Movement for Europe 


  • Jude Kirton-Darling, former Labour MEP and now deputy general secretary at IndustriAll Europe, which represents over seven million working people who belong to roughly 200 European trade unions; 
  • Mark Hendrick, Labour MP and member of the International Trade Committee
  • Theresa Griffin, former Labour MEP and now senior associate at European climate change think tank E3G
  • Elena Crasta, the TUC's European officer, representing the TUC in the European Union.

Social care: a new deal for the workforce 

Sunday 12 September, 12pm 


The Covid-19 pandemic has been the ultimate stress-test for adult social care, and shown how essential social care is to the fabric of our society. The structural problems in the sector - privatisation, low wages, high insecurity - that trade unions have been concerned about for decades have been thrown into sharp, heart-breaking focus. Politicians have been playing political football with the sector for decades but now is the time for a new settlement for social care - and that must start with a new deal for the care workforce. 

Chair: Sian Elliott, senior policy officer, OSSD 


  • Mary Ann Stephenson, director, Women’s Budget Group
  • Megan Fischer, former care worker and organiser with GMB’s Scottish Women’s Organising Unit
  • Christina McAnea, Unison general secretary 

Fighting back against the far right for LGBT+ equality 

Sunday 12 September, 5.45pm

TUC LGBT+ Committee 

In this fringe panellists will discuss anti-LGBT+ narratives and actions, both within the UK and globally and the impact this has had on the LGBT+ community. The discussion will focus on how the UK can be a leading voice for LGBT+ on the global stage and what trade unionists can do to stand up to anti-LGBT+ regimes. 

Chair: Maria Exall - TUC LGBT+ Committee chair 


  • Paul Fleming, general secretary, Equity
  • Jay Stewart, CEO and co-founder Gendered Intelligence
  • Taranjit Chana, TUC LGBT+ committee member
  • Darienne Flemington, co-chair, ILGA-Europe

Labour's Trade Policy: Putting Workers First 

Sunday 12 September, 6pm 

Organised by: Rt. Hon Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade  
Building on the roundtable event hosted jointly by the TUC and Emily Thornberry in May, this event will discuss how a future Labour government will use its trade policy to prioritise the rights and interests of workers, both at home and abroad, and how this will compare to the Biden Administration’s ‘Worker-Centred Trade Policy’. A new document will be published on the day to inform these discussions, including a model chapter on workers’ rights for inclusion in future trade deals. 
Chair: Susie Boniface, journalist and author


  • Rt. Hon Emily Thornberry MP - Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade
  • Paul Nowak - Deputy General Secretary, TUC
  • Damaris Muhika - Programme Director, Confederation of Trade Unions in Kenya
  • Lori Wallach - Director, Public Citizen

Bringing Climate Justice and Worker Solidarity to COP26 

Sunday 12 September, 6.30pm 

Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group 

In the run-up to COP26, climate disasters have hit around the world. But governments are very far from implementing the just transition needed, preferring corporate-friendly market solutions. We'll talk about how trade unionists can stand in solidarity internationally for a just transition that benefits workers globally. And mobilize both for international action at COP26 and for a UK climate jobs programme to tackle both the climate crisis and social and economic equality. 

Chair: Suzanne Jeffery, Campaign Against Climate Change 


  • Camille Barbagallo, coordinator, COP26 Coalition
  • Rhoda Boateng, programme coordinator, ITUC, Africa
  • Tahir Latif, CACCTU, former president of PCS Aviation Group

A New Deal for Workers 

Sunday 12 September, 6.30pm 

Institute of Employment Rights and the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom 

Join us on Zoom for the IER and CTUF TUC fringe, and hear from experts how negative employment practices like fire and rehire could end, and how workers rights need to be upgraded in to a ‘new deal for workers’. 

Chair: Carolyn Jones, IER Director. 


  • Dr Jo Grady, UCU; Prof Keith Ewing, IER
  • Lord John Hendy QC, IER
  • Christina McAnea, UNISON
  • Barry Gardner MP
  • Andy McDonald MP
  • Carolyn Jones, IER. 

Tackling Structural Racism at Work 

Sunday 12 September, 6.45pm 

TUC Anti-Racism Taskforce  

Congress fringe of the TUC Anti-Racism Taskforce. We will be launching a new report into racism at work and discussing how unions can tackle racism in workplaces and improve Black representation. 

Chair: Kudsia Batool, Head of Equality and Strategy, TUC  


  • Frances O'Grady, TUC general secretary
  • Dr Patrick Roach, NASUWT general secretary
  • Shavanah Taj, Wales TUC general secretary

Nurses not Nukes: Nuclear Disarmament in the Age of Covid-19 

Monday 13 September, 12.30pm 

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament  

During this ongoing massive public health crisis the government has decided to increase its nuclear arsenal by over 40% and make a big increase in military expenditure, but it refuses to pay nurses properly. How can it justify this shocking misallocation of public funds – on weapons of mass destruction rather than healthcare – during a pandemic? Join us to discuss how we can change government priorities and give nurses and the NHS what they deserve. 

Chair: Sam Mason, PCS policy officer, Sustainability and Climate change 


  • Dr John Puntis, co-chair of Keep our NHS Public
  • Rachel Ambrose, mental health nurse, Nurses United and Nurses of Colour Network
  • Kate Hudson, general secretary, CND
  • Mark Curtis, editor, Declassified UK

Monday 13 September 

New Opportunities for Trade Union Education 

Monday 13 September, 12.30pm 


New themes, new provides, new learning methods and other opportunities are opening up. This meeting will discuss the ways that trade unions are flourishing. 

Chair: Doug Nicholls, general secretary of the GFTU 


  • Gill Westerman, CBE, GFTU Educational Trust
  • Professor Mike Seal; Professor Peter Jolin, vice chancellor, University West London
  • Dr Stefan Berger, University Bochum. 

Climate Jobs now: Skills, Training and Union Rights to Meet the Climate Emergency 

Monday 13 September, 12.30pm 

Greener Jobs Alliance 

This event will discuss the urgent need for a transition out of fossil fuel and other polluting industries and into climate jobs, with a specific focus on the protection of workers’ long-term job security through a rigorous identification of the skills and training required, and the launch of a framework for improving the legal rights of workers as members of trade unions. Speakers will include trade union leaders and local authorities seeking to implement such policies. 

Chair: Meg Baker, Greener Jobs Alliance chair and director of Education, Students Organising for Sustainability. 


  • Rokhsana Fiaz, Mayor of London Borough of Newham
  • Bill Adams regional secretary, Yorkshire and Humber TUC Yorkshire TUC
  • Jo Grady, general secretary, University and College Union
  • Philip Pearson, Greener Jobs Alliance 

Fighting for Justice - Fair Pay for Key Workers 

Monday 13 September, 12.30pm 

Trade Union Coordinating Group 

Key workers have been lauded as heroes for their contribution during the Covid-19 crisis - but applause won't pay the bills. How do build pressure for action to deliver pay justice? 

Chair: Michelle Stanistreet, general secretary, NUJ 


  • Mick Lynch, general secretary, RMT
  • Mark Serwotka, general secretary, PCS
  • Sarah Woolley, general secretary, BFAWU
  • Graham Revie, chair of Trade Union Committee, RCN

The Algorithmic Workplace: Collective Power in an Age of Technological Control 

Monday 13 September, 12.30pm 

TUC (in partnership with Prospect and UNISON) 

At this event, we will explore the importance of collective power in the face of algorithmic control at work. We will give examples of how artificial intelligence is being used to make important decisions about workers and consider some of the implications of this. The central theme for our discussion will be how the collective can counter many of the harms that result from technological control. The collective will be considered in relation to the role of unions, the collective power of data, education, collaboration and the public good. 

Chair: Andrew Pakes director of Communications and Research, Prospect 


  • Allison Roche digital and data rights policy officer, UNISON
  • Mary Towers employment rights policy officer, TUC
  • Birte Dedden, Director ICTS, UNI Europa
  • Anna Thomas, Co-founder and Director of the Institute for the Future of Work

Covid-19 and Trade Unions: Lessons from Israel and the UK 

Monday 13 September, 5.30pm 

Britain-Israel Trade Union Dialogue (BITUD) 

This exciting fringe will hear from trade unionists in the UK and Israel about their experiences in dealing with the Covid crisis. The last year has seen unprecedented upheaval for workers across the globe, and ongoing changes to the world of work that the pandemic has accelerated. We will hear from those on the frontline in Israel and the UK about how they managed the crisis for their members, what we need for support in future emergencies and the changing workplace that creates challenges and opportunities for trade unions across the globe. 

Chair: Michael J. Leahy OBE, chair of BITUD 


  • Peter Lerner, director of International, the Histadrut
  • Yossi Michal, Israeli Teachers' Union representative
  • More speakers to be announced

A Champion of Dignity at Work: The TUC in the Citrine Era 

Monday 13 September, 5.30pm 

History and Policy Trade Union and Employment Forum 

A look-back at TUC and union history of championing dignity at work. Viewed through the lens of an illustrious union leader - Walter (Lord) Citrine, general secretary of the TUC 1926-1946 - and his new biography, Forgotten Statesman, by Dr Jim Moher, a former union official. Citrine's early career as Merseyside District Secretary of the Electrical Trades Union, as ETU national officer in Manchester and at the TUC during the General Strike, will be explored. Also, we see how as president of the International Federation of Trade Unions during the 1930s and 1940s,  he helped shape the TUC and unions' major contributions at home and abroad (USA and Russia). 
Chair: Mary Bousted, joint general secretary, National Education Union and member of the General Council 


  • Sir Brendan Barber, former general secretary, TUC (2003-2012) and chair of Acas 
  • Dr Jim Moher, former official for T&GWU and national officer for CWU. 

Has First Past the Post worked for workers? 

Monday 13 September, 5.30pm 

Politics for the Many 

The powerful levers of the state are being used to undo rights and freedoms, attack communities and lock people out of their democratic rights. Growing mistrust of politics and politicians is opening the door to a resurgent authoritarian right. Empowerment is perhaps the most important thing the trade union movement can offer people. Only by putting democracy at the heart of our agenda can we build an economy and society that works for all – a politics for the many.  

Chair: Lynn Henderson, PCS 


  • Sam Tarry MP
  • Julie Ward, former MEP and Unite member
  • Cllr James Beckles, UNISON member
  • Julian Vaughan; ASLEF member and former PPC
  • Pauline McCarthy, BFAWU and member of Labour NEC
  • Caroline Osborne, Labour for a New Democracy and Unite member 

Stop fire-and-rehire 

Monday 13 September, 5.30pm 

Trades Union Congress, supported by the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group 

Employers have increasingly turned to fire-and-rehire as their tactic of choice as they have sought to level down pay and benefits. TUC polling found that one in ten workers have had their terms and conditions downgraded in this way since the start of the pandemic. But despite condemnation of the tactic from across the political spectrum, ministers have yet to act. This fringe will hear about what is going on in workplaces, how unions are fighting back and how the practice could be banned. 

Chair: Tony Burke, assistant general secretary, Unite 


  • Tim Sharp, senior employment rights officer, TUC; 
  • Michelle Stanistreet, general secretary, NUJ; 
  • Andy Prendergast, national secretary, GMB; 
  • Jo Grady, general secretary, UCU; 
  • Barry Gardiner MP 

Is it Time for a Living Pension? 

Monday 13 September, 6.30pm 


Too many workers in the UK are being let down by our pension system. Low levels of contributions into defined contribution schemes, combined with a low state pension, will leave many struggling maintain a decent standard of living in retirement. This event will look at the potential for a Living Pension kitemark – similar to the Living Wage – to encourage more employers to provide workplace pensions that will deliver decent incomes for their workers in retirement. 

Chair:  TBC 


  • Shelley Morris, Living Wage Foundation
  • Jack Jones, TUC
  • Matt Rodda, Labour shadow pensions minister

Solidarity with Cuba - Resisting 60 years of Blockade and Intervention 

Monday 13 September, 6.45pm 

Cuba Solidarity Campaign 

2022 will mark 60 years of the US blockade against Cuba. Despite campaign promises that he would reverse an additional 243 sanctions introduced by the Trump administration, Biden has intensified the blockade. Shortages in food and medicines have been exacerbated by the Covid pandemic and are causing real suffering for the Cuban people. Join trade union leaders from Cuba and Britain to discuss the escalation of the US economic and political warfare against Cuba and the urgent case for aid, solidarity and an international campaign against US intervention now. 

Chair: Rob Miller, director Cuba Solidarity Campaign 


  • Her Excellency Bárbara Montalvo Álvarez, Cuban ambassador to the UK
  • Mariela Kohon, senior International officer TUC
  • Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, general secretary, Cuban Union Federation (CTC)

More speakers to be announced

Make Bosses Pay: Why we need Unions 

Monday 13 September, 6.45pm 


The TUC welcomes Eve Livingston, author of the forthcoming book Make Bosses Pay: Why we need Unions, to a conversation with leading trade union and digital organisers and commentators. 

Chair: Clare Coatman, TUC senior campaigner 


  • Shav Taj, Wales TUC 
  • Jana Mills, Small Axe 
  • Sarah Woolley, BFAWU 
  • Bryan Simpson, Unite  
  • Sarah Jaffe, journalist 


Tuesday 14 September 

How to talk about the economy 

Tuesday 14 September, 12.30pm 

Centre for Labour and Social Studies 

Join world-renowned economist Ha-Joon Chang (invited), Survation's Jane Carn (invited), Dora Meade at NEON and Ellie Mae O'Hagan to learn how to talk about the economy with your colleagues and friends in a way that can persuade them to support progressive policies.  

Chair: Ellie Mae O'Hagan 


  • Ha-Joon Chang, economist and author (invited tnc);
  • Jane Carn,Survation (invited tbc)
  • Dora Meade, NEON 

Solidarity with the Kurdish People and the Need for Peace and Democracy 

Tuesday 14 September, 12.30pm 


The Turkish government is engaged in one of the world’s most anti-democratic actions against elected representatives of the main opposition parties. This is a situation that British trade unionists are increasingly concerned about throughout the world. 

Chair: Doug Nicholls, general secretary of the GFTU 

Speakers: Various councillors, mayors and MPs from the HDP Party in Turkey. 

Trade Unions Resisting State Violence in Colombia 

Tuesday 14 September, 12.30pm 

Justice for Colombia 

Despite the optimism generated by the 2016 peace agreement, Colombia remains the world’s deadliest country for trade unionists, with at least 20 killed last year alone, as well as human rights defenders and environmental activists. Meanwhile, trade unions have led massive recent mobilisations in support of economic justice, human rights and peace. In response, the right-wing government has brutally attempted to crush the protests, with security forces killing at least 44 people and committing widespread sexual assaults, torture and forced disappearances. From the frontline of protests, we are joined by Colombian trade union leaders, as well as TUC members who have participated in JFC delegations to witness first-hand the reality facing many Colombians. 

Chair: TBC 


  • Colombian trade union leaders
  • TUC member trade unionists
  • Justice for Colombia 

Pensions - After Years of Being Ripped Off, Time for a Fightback 

Tuesday 14 September, 12.30pm 

Public and Commercial Services Union 

Over the past few years, public sector pensions have been hammered by successive Tory governments. Members are paying more, for longer and getting less in return. The time for polite negotiations and petitions is over, the trade unions need to unite and campaign to force a change of direction by government. Come and join the discussion about how we can do this.  

Chair: Fran Heathcote, PCS president 


  • Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary
  • Rachel Hopkins Labour MP
  • Matt Wrack FBU general secretary (invited tbc). 

Can Tech Help Boost Worker Power? 

Tuesday 14 September, 12.30pm 

Resolution Foundation 

For many workers the rise of tech has resulted in greater insecurity, increased managerial control and more stressful working conditions. But tech can also be deployed to help boost worker power, increase choices and improve information. What potential is there for unions to develop tech-based approaches? What are the challenges and limitations? The Resolution Foundation is bringing together key union voices to discuss the promise, as well as the pitfalls, of using technology to boost worker power. 

Chair: Gavin Kelly, chair of the Resolution Foundation 


  • Andrew Pakes, director of communications and research at Prospect union
  • David Arnold, head of policy at UNISON
  • Louise Marston, director of ventures at the Resolution Foundation. 

COVID Public Inquiry - Delay, Scope and Process 

Tuesday 14 September, 12.30pm 

Thompsons Solicitors 

Given concerns that the government is seeking to delay and avoid proper scrutiny in the most significant public inquiry of a generation into failures around Covid-19, the fringe will bring together Thompsons Solicitors – which has represented workers at many of the UK’s largest public inquiries over its 100-year history – the TUC and a bereaved family representative to discuss what needs to happen and when. 

Chair: Clare Mellor, CEO, Thompsons Solicitors 


  • Paul Nowak, deputy general secretary, TUC
  • Gerard Stilliard – Thompsons Solicitors Bereaved Families representative (invited tbc). 

The Harmful Gambling Workplace Charter- A Trade Union Issue and Resource 

Tuesday 14 September, 12.30pm 


Unite has worked with a range of sister unions and the TUC to produce a harmful gambling workplace charter for employers to commit to supporting members affected by gambling-related harms. This event will look at why harmful gambling is a trade union issue, the impact harmful gambling can have, how the charter is relevant and can be used, and the next steps. The fringe will see both the TUC and Unite sign the charter, in addition to other employers. It will also look at the level 2 award in tackling gambling-related harms developed in partnership with Unite and other resources available to trade unions and developed in partnership with the TUC.  

Chair: Keith Lewis, Unite regional learning manager


  • Jim Mowatt- Director of Education, Unite;
  • Neil Platt- clinical director of Beacon Counselling Trust (treatment provider)
  • Service user (to be confirmed)
  • Steve Craig- national development officer
  • Charter signatories 

Garment Workers: Still Paying the Price for the Pandemic

Tuesday 14 September, 12.30pm 

War on Want 

It has come as no surprise to trade unions, workers’ and women’s groups representing thousands of garment workers that Covid-19 has highlighted how the global fashion industry’s ‘race to the bottom’ has resulted in poverty pay, long hours, and unsafe working conditions. Brands withdrew orders, bonuses were withheld and the right to organise was challenged in order to keep company profits buoyant. All this at a time when the Bangladesh Accord which has kept thousands of workers safe has been challenged by brands wanting to move away from a legally binding agreement. 

Chair: Asad Rehman, executive director, War on Want 


  • Anton Marcus – joint secretary, Free Trade Zones and General Service Employees Union, Sri Lanka
  • Paddy Lillis – general secretary, Usdaw (invited tbc)
  • Tansy Hoskins – author and journalist

More speakers to be announced. 

Future-Proof Every Workplace: How Trade Unions can Lead a Just Climate Transition in Every UK Industry  

Tuesday 14 September, 1.30pm 


Climate science is clear: every industry and every workplace needs a plan for a zero-carbon future. High-carbon workplaces are at the frontline of this transformation. Done right, climate action can strengthen industries and create more jobs in the UK. But if we don't re-tool our industries, we're at risk of jobs being offshored and communities hollowed out as workplaces shut down. Come to this event to find out how reps from different industries are working to future-proof their jobs. 
Chair: Mika Minio-Paluello, TUC policy officer, industry and climate 


  • Frank Duffy, Unite convenor at GKN
  • Jacqueline Thomas, Community member at Tata Steel
  • Hazel Nolan, organiser, GMB (tbc)
  • Sonja Van Wingerden
  • TSSA rep at Eurostar. 

The Future of Work - Mobilising for a New Deal

Tuesday 14 September, 2pm

Morning Star

How will work change in the future and how do we mobilise workers to win a new deal? Join our panel of trade unionists at Congress 2021.

Chair: Bob Oram, chair of the Morning Star management committee

  • Speakers:   Ben Chacko, editor of the Morning Star
  • Dave Ward, general secretary of the CWU
  • Roger McKenzie, general secretary of Liberation
  • Sarah Woolley - general secretary BFAWU
  • Claudia Webbe -  MP

More speakers to be confirmed

Palestine: from Apartheid to Freedom, Justice and Equality 

Tuesday 14 September, 5.30pm 

PSC - Palestine Solidarity Campaign 

Last year the TUC passed a historic motion recognising the apartheid nature of the state of Israel. Alongside the recent Human Rights Watch report, and with the recent attacks on Palestinians in Gaza and Jerusalem in May, we need to make sure that we step up our solidarity with Palestine. Join us to hear from specialists and trade unionists, to find out about the current situation in Palestine and what you and your trade union can do to end Israeli apartheid and reach freedom, justice and equality for the Palestinians. 

Chair: tbc 


  • Dr Yara Hawari, Palestinian author, analyst and senior policy analyst for Al Shabaka
  • Yasmine Ahmed, Director Human Rights Watch UK
  • Gail Cartmail, President TUC and AGS Unite
  • Jo Grady, general secretary UCU
  • Kevin Courtney, TUC GC International Spokesperson and NEU joint general secretary
  • Mariela Kohon, senior international officer TUC
  • Ben Jamal, director Palestine Solidarity Campaign

More speakers to be announced.

Achieving gender equality in pensions 

Tuesday 14 September, 5.30pm 


The gender pension gap is the percentage difference in pension income for female pensioners compared to male pensioners. We have highlighted the extent of the gender pension gap through publishing annual reports on the rate of the gender pension gap and the immediate need for action to be taken to remedy this. Join our panel to discuss how we can campaign for changes in policy and behaviour to close the gender pension gap and achieve gender pension equality. At the event we will launch our fourth gender pension gap report. 

Chair: Jack Jones, TUC pensions policy officer 


  • Baroness Altmann, Conservative Peer and former pensions minister
  • Sue Ferns, Prospect, senior deputy general secretary. 

Climate and Workers Crisis: Building a Programme to Transition to a Just Economy 

Tuesday 14 September, 5.30pm 

Trade Union Co-ordinating Group 

Ahead of COP26, how do we engage a broad audience of trade union members in shaping an economic alternative to tackle the climate crisis? 

Chair: Vicky Blake,president, UCU 


  • Daniel Kebede president, NEU
  • Mick Lynch general secretary, RMT
  • John Moloney assistant general secretary, PCS
  • Sarah Woolley general secretary, BFAWU. 

Long Covid and Women’s Health and Safety in the Workplace 

Tuesday 14 September, 5.30pm 


A discussion of the effects of long covid, the disproportionate impact on and the challenges facing women, and how experiences during the pandemic highlight the importance of women’s health and safety as a workplace issue. 

Chair: Nikki Pound, TUC equality and strategy policy officer 


  • Kirsty Stanley, multi-disciplinary Long Covid Support Employment group and occupational therapist
  • Sue Coe, senior policy officer, Equalities, TUC
  • Michelle Codrington Rodgers, NASUWT
  • Hilda Palmer, Hazards Campaign 

After Covid: Rebuilding the Arts and Culture Sector 

Tuesday 14 September, 6.45pm 

Artists' Union England (AUE) 

While the difficulties faced by the arts and culture sector and its workforce during the pandemic have been evident, the sector has faced structural problems for many years - including transparency and fairness in funding. This event will focus both on how the sector can recover and how a long-term, sustainable future for the arts can be secured to the benefit of society as a whole. The discussion document 'Making Culture Ours' will be introduced, outlining some possible steps towards this.  

Chair: Zita Holbourne 

Speakers: Mike Wayne, UCU, others to be confirmed 

Why we Need 'The Right To Food' 

Tuesday 14 September, 6.45pm 


Ian Byrne MP launched the Right to Food Campaign in November 2020 with the Fans Supporting Foodbanks national network. It has gone from strength to strength with many cities declaring themselves Right to Food Cities across the country. The BFAWU joined the campaign and surveyed their members around their ability to feed themselves during the pandemic, producing a report with some shocking findings showing there are massive issues with food insecurity across the food industry. Join the fringe for an update on the campaign and next steps after the release of the National Food Strategy. 

Chair: Ian Hodson 


  • Ian Byrne MP; 
  • Laura Smith (Unite)
  • Annette Mansell-Green (BDA)
  • Sarah Woolley, BFAWU
  • an academic working with us on the campaign, tbc. 

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