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The trade union movement faces huge challenges in respect of membership and activism.

Less than one quarter of the workforce carries a union card and in the private sector less than one fifth of workers are members. Added to this the fact that more than half of our senior reps will leave the workplace through retirement in the next 15 years.

That’s why it is important that union reps prioritise organising and recruitment in those workplaces where are already have recognition and provide a platform on which we can build the future strength of our movement.


Why organise?
We organise so we can win improvements at work and fight unfair treatment.
Always bear in mind the following:
- who you are organising
- why you are organising.
What does organising mean?
Organising means:
- building a union that draws its strength not just from the number of members it has but also from the number of reps and activists
- campaigning on values and issues that are important to members and involving them in campaigns
- reflecting the diversity of the workers the union supports in the profile of its members, reps and activists.
What are the signs of an organised workplace?
In an organised workplace:
- there is a high level of union membership and activity
- there are reps in all areas
- union meetings are well attended
- members take part in union activity.
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