What makes a good job?

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If I asked you what you like about your job, I hope you’d be able to come up with a few things. Are any of them shown in this film?

Perhaps what makes a good job for you is working collaboratively with your colleagues. Maybe your work makes you feel fulfilled. Or perhaps you have a boss who allows you to work flexibly around your caring responsibilities.

But if I asked you what you don’t like about your job, would that be a longer list? Unfortunately, many workers in Wales today face a plethora of workplace issues.

There’s companies who think it’s OK to fire you and then try to rehire you on worse terms and conditions.

There are jobs where you don’t know what hours you’re going to be working from one day to the next. There are bosses who micromanage you and make you feel so uncomfortable that you dread coming into work in the morning.

Then there are workers who haven’t had a pay rise in years, despite sky rocketing inflation and the current cost of living crisis.

Despite the difficult times we find ourselves in, while there are trade unions, there will always be hope that our jobs can be better jobs.

Unions winning for workers

Trade unionists work day in day out to stand up for working people, to fight bad bosses and to challenge the government.

In the last few years we've seen seen wins for unions on pay and terms & conditions and companies backing down on fire & rehire tactics. Unions have shown that they can pressurise governments to help those who need it most, such as Welsh taxi drivers. And unions are at the forefront of issues such as the climate emergency, mental health, learning and equalities in the workplace.

Further afield, we’ve seen tens of millions of workers in India participating in a general strike. And in America Amazon warehouses and Starbucks coffee shops are currently unionising at an amazing rate.

Join our fight for good jobs for all

If you believe, like me, that everyone in Wales deserves a good job, can I ask you to do two things?

Firstly, share our new ‘What makes a good job?’ film. Share it with your colleagues, family and friends. Especially with anyone you know who isn’t yet in a union. The film is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Why not share the link to our union finder tool too?

Secondly, join the trade union movement in London on 18 June for a national demo. On this day we will be taking to the streets to demand the UK government take action on the cost of living, a new deal for working people, and a pay rise for all workers. Coaches to London are being laid on by groups around Wales, with many places subsidised or free. Find the nearest coach to you on the TUC travel site

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