Are you an experienced rep who wants to update your knowledge and skills? Or are you a new rep wanting to know what the role is all about? During the coronavirus pandemic we’re offering online learning resources for reps.
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To keep our tutors and students safe during the coronavirus pandemic we have decided to postpone classroom-based courses for a while. Our fantastic face to face programme delivered by Adult Learning Wales and Coleg Gwent will resume as soon as possible.

However, we know during these difficult times, more than ever our reps still need training and support so the TUC education service has developed a programme for reps fully online for the first time.  

You can choose a longer reps course or dip in and out with our bite-sized learning programme of eNotes.  With 24/7 access, learn at your own pace whenever and wherever’s convenient for you - these courses work equally well on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. 

2021 courses for reps in Wales 

Due to the impact of Covid-19 all of the courses below will be run online by accredited tutors.

Course title Provider Start date Pattern Contact
Union Reps part 1 Adult Learning Wales 11 Jan 2021 10 days

07943 591083

Coleg Gwent 13 Jan 2021 10 days

07527 450276

Union Reps part 2 Coleg Gwent 11 Jan 2021 10 days

07527 450276

Adult Learning Wales 14 Jan 2021 10 days

07943 591083

Health & Safety reps part 1 Coleg Gwent 14 Jan 2021 10 days

07527 450276

Adult Learning Wales 19 Jan 2021 10 days

07943 591083

Health & Safety reps part 2 Coleg Gwent  12 Jan 2021 10 days

07527 450276

Adult Learning Wales 15 Jan 2021 10 days

07943 591083

Mental health awareness  Adult Learning Wales 20 Jan 2021 2 days

07943 591083

Adult Learning Wales 17 Feb 2021 2 days

07943 591083

Adult Learning Wales 24 Mar 2021 2 days

07943 591083

Union learning reps part 1 Coleg Gwent 3 Feb 2021 4 days

07527 450276

Redundancy - Covid-19 and the law Adult Learning Wales 24 Feb 2021 2 days

07943 591083

Environmental / green reps Coleg Gwent 25 Feb 2021 3 days

07527 450276

Information on the courses available in 2021

Click on the name of the course below for more information about what you'll learn if you enrol. 

Union reps part 1

As a new union rep this course is essential. You'll find out:

  • what it means to be a rep
  • how to represent your members effectively and
  • how to take up both collective and individual issues with your employer

You'll understand the role and responsibilities. These include working together with members and other union reps, talking to members and dealing with their problems, recruiting members and getting them involved in the union, meeting management to discuss a range of issues at work and keeping members informed.

Union reps part 2

If you have completed the union reps part 1 or your union equivalent, this course will help you advance within your trade union role. The course covers:

  • Leadership roles in the branch structure i.e. Chair, Secretary and Treasurer
  • how trade union makes decisions and how you can shape it’s policies,
  • undertake effective negotiations,
  • organise successful campaigns.

The best protection in the workplace is effective organised trade unions however understanding what our rights are and how to make best use of them is essential to your role. You will learn about:

  • Contracts of employment
  • Fair or unfair dismal
  • Equality and diversity
  • Industrial action
Health & Safety reps part 1

As a new Health and safety rep, this course is essential. You'll find out

  •  what it means to be a health and safety rep
  • how health and safety is organised in your workplace
  • and how to deal with health and safety issues at work.

You will look at the health and safety law, safety inspections, risk assessments and preventative measures. This course will provide a thorough grounding in health and safety issues and give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to undertake your role effectively.

Health & Safety reps part 2

If you have completed the health and safety part 1 or your union equivalent, this course will help you to deal with those bigger issues. The course will cover

  • Effective health & safety organisation and planning,
  • how and when to use it,
  • negotiating a better deal for members,
  • analysing risk assessments,
  • health and safety training.

While we try to ensure safer workplaces for our members, we must also recognise the need for equality and diversity. Throughout the course, you will explore equality based issues such as:

  • Gender and PPE
  • Sexual harassment
  • Hidden disabilities
  • Menopause

Mental health awareness

Mental health in the workplace is increasingly important. This course covers why it is important and how reps can deal with mental health issues.

Who is this course for?

This course is for reps who want to increase their awareness of how the workplace can affect mental health and who want to improve policies for their members.

What will the course help me do?

The course will help reps to:

  • Develop a better understanding of Mental Health in general.
  • Develop a better understanding of work related Mental Health issues.
  • Develop a better understanding of Disability Discrimination Law and how it applies to people with Mental Health issues.
  • Develop through the use of case studies and role play, some practical skills for dealing with Mental Health related issues.
  • Produce an action plan to work with members and employers to develop a strategy for Mental Health issues.
Union learning reps part 1

If you’re a new Union Learning Rep (ULR), this course is essential. It will give you the skills and knowledge that you need to be an effective ULR. The role of a ULR is much more than simply setting up courses in your workplace. It is about working within your branch, with your employer and with providers and funder to widen access to learning and ensure equality of opportunity in your workplace. The course will teach you:

  • The role of trade unions in learning and skills
  • The role of the ULR Trade union approaches to workplace learning and relevant best practice models
  • Key policies and programmes relevant to the adult skills system in Wales
  • How to promote learning in your workplace
  • How to identify learning needs
  • How to work with your branch and your employer to remove barriers to learning and in-work progression
Redundancy - Covid-19 and the law

This course will look at employment law, redundancy rights and policies relating to Covid-19.

Environmental / green reps

Workers across all sectors will be affected by changes and will be part of the efforts to decarbonise and move Wales to a more sustainable, zero-waste, circular economy. And trade union members have the knowledge and ideas to help deliver the changes needed.

Workers have a huge amount of knowledge that can help organisations looking to reduce their environmental impact. It’s often the workers on the ground who are most likely to understand how to do this effectively.  Trade unions can play a key role in identifying and delivering best environmental practice at workplace level.

Unions can ensure that efforts to reduce an organisation’s environmental impact are developed collaboratively and in full consultation with workers. Involving workers can make sure that changes are fair, effective and have the full support of people in the workplace.

This course focusses on the practical skills needed to develop union-led sustainability initiatives in the workplace. It covers the core skills required for trade unionists who want to take practical action on the environment in their workplace or become a trade union environmental or ‘green’ representative.

Across Wales, union reps are already working with their members to make workplaces more sustainable. They are finding ways to cut carbon and reduce waste, campaigning for cleaner air and creating green spaces to support nature. This course will support all trade unionists who want to be involved in the movement to green our workplaces.

The course covers

  • Understanding the climate and environmental emergency and identifying the impact on your workplace

  • Working with the branch and members to identify sustainability issues that need to be raised with management

  • How to carry out workplace environmental audits

  • How to review and develop workplace environmental policies and agreements

  • Awareness raising and promotion of green workplace practices

Who should attend

All trade unionists who wish to take action on the climate and nature emergency in their workplace, including union officers, branch officials, reps, health and safety reps, union learning reps, equality reps.

There are lots of other ways to learn during 2021 too: 

Clicking this link will open the Wales TUC course directory which lists all the courses currently on offer for tutor led online learning.





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