Union learning has an impact on everything that unions stand for. It is an essential part of Wales TUC's work.
Wales TUC workplace learning
Unions help people find learning opportunities

Union learning has an impact on everything that unions stand for. It can help improve Heath and Safety, equality of opportunity, job security and pay.

Trade unions can play a major role in making sure members have the skills needed to compete in the jobs of the future. Many of our future economic challenges, such as digitalisation and automation, can be addressed through learning and skills.

Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF)

The Wales TUC has led the way in union learning for over 20 years. We support our affiliated unions and their Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF) projects. These learning projects range from Essential Skills and reading to plumbing and make-up artist qualifications. Because they work through unions and the workplace, WULF projects find learners which other funds can't reach. They support those who need help the most.

You can still do training as part of a Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF) projects during the coronavirus crisis - visit our page about WULF training during coronavirus to find out more. 

The Wales TUC is currently campaigning to make learning and skills part of making Wales a ‘Fair Work Nation’ . By supporting members with their learning we improve their job prospects and they gain the skills they need. But there are also wider benefits - WULF can create a more skilled workforce and improve the economy.

Watch our video about WULF to find out more.

Union Learning Reps (ULRs)

Union Learning Reps (ULRs) are the invaluable asset that helps unions reach learners. Together with WULF they can support a range of learning opportunities including digital literacy, bespoke professional courses and help during career or organisational change. Within their workplace a ULR will:

  • raise awareness about the value of learning

  • help organise courses

  • support and encourage members to take part in learning

  • promote equality and health and wellbeing through learning

If you are interested in becoming a Union Learning Rep talk to your branch secretary.

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