Covid-19 has changed everything, from the way we work to the type of work we're doing. We may be working from home, furloughed or be a key worker on the front line.

Home life is different too, we may be missing family and friends or perhaps feeling trapped, isolated or afraid and as these uncertain times go on, we may be worrying about our job security and our finances. There’s a lot to worry about and our mental health is under strain.

As trade unionists many of us will be supporting our communities and still be representing our members but we have to remember to look after ourselves too.

Coping with Covid

At the Wales TUC, we care about the wellbeing of workers in Wales.

So we have been working with experts to produce weekly bite size learning sessions to give you tools and techniques to help you look after yourself and cope with the challenges ahead.

Each lesson includes a short video to watch as well as resources to read and think about.

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If you have any questions you would like to ask the trainers after watching the videos please contact Marion Burke on

So, take some time to look after yourself and join and enjoy our weekly Coping with Covid sessions.

Coping with Covid: Self Talk with Sally Crompton

This session shines a light on our inner voices and how they affect us. Sally will help you identify when your inner voice is a negative one, and how it affects your mental wellbeing. Sally will also give you the tools to challenge negative self-talk so that your inner voice becomes encouraging and supportive.

Download our Coping with Covid – Self Talk resource to find out how to identify and counter negative thoughts. We've also uploaded Sally's PowerPoint presentation. You can also find a link to a recording of Sue Knight's Ted Talk, ‘The Words I Tell Myself’, mentioned by Sally in her presentation. 

If you have any questions about this session email us on

Coping with Covid: Emotional Intelligence with David Pardey

Significant changes in our lives can cause anxiety and stress. This session looks at how emotions shape our thinking and behaviour. It will also teach you to recognise your emotional state, using this knowledge to take back some control in your life.

Download our Coping with Covid – Emotional Intelligence resource to find out more about emotional intelligence and how our emotions affects us.

If you have any questions about this session email us on

Coping with Covid: Understanding Emotions with Pam Heneberry

Learn about the Kubler Ross Change Curve - a useful framework for anyone going through any type of undesired change.

Pam will explain how the Kubler Ross Change Curve can help you understand your emotional response in times of change and help you see your emotional response as understandable and human.

Download our Coping with Covid - Understanding Emotions resource to understand more about the Kubler Ross Change Curve. 

If you have any questions about this session email us on