You can still do training as part of a Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF) projects during the coronavirus crisis.
Learn at home via WULF during the coronavirus lockdown

The Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF) is provided by Welsh Government to help pay for learning in the workplace.

During the coronavirus you may not be physically visiting your workplace as much as normal, but you can still take advantage of training courses provided through WULF projects. 

Click on your union below to see what's available. If you‘re not a member of a union, find out which union(s) work in your sector by using our union finder tool.  


There is also online learning is available for free to everyone – see our list of online learning opportunities.

How does WULF work? 

Trades unions bid for funding for up to three years in order to pay for courses for union members and their non-member colleagues. This helps everyone up-skill and progress in their working and personal lives.
WULF projects have been affected by the coronavirus crisis in just the way you might imagine. Many workplaces are closed or working with a skeleton staff. Colleges and other places of learning are closed for the foreseeable future.  
However, WULF funding remains, and projects are changing and adapting to the new normal. Projects have sourced thousands of online courses, are hosting meetings and briefings remotely, and are available, as always, to support you.

Trades unions are represented in workplaces and work sectors the length and breadth of Wales.  Even if you aren’t a member there will be a trade union (and probably a WULF project), that covers your area of work. Use our union finder tool to find out which union(s) work in your sector.

ASLEF: The Learning Partnership Programme

Contact ASLEF 

Emma Penman
ASLEF Education - Project Worker
07817 145 754
Twitter: @ASLEF_Education

ASLEF Covid-19 response

ASLEF Education is offering a range of online learning courses which are available to ASLEF members, family and friends. The courses are available to do online, and are completed during personal time. All you need is access to the internet and some free time to commit to your learning goals. Online courses are flexible and will allow you to complete your learning at times to suit you.

These courses are ideal for anyone wanting to develop their knowledge, broaden their horizons, continue with their professional development, or just learn for fun. Many of the courses are bitesize courses which only take a few hours to complete. Other courses will take a few weeks to complete and are ‘accredited' courses; enabling you to achieve a nationally recognised qualification (which can enhance your CV and improve employment prospects). 
We have also put together a resource list to help those that are home schooling for the first time. The full list of resources can be found on the ASLEF website.

To enroll on the courses you will be required to complete some basic documentation. For more information and to enquire about enrolling on courses, please contact your workplace Union Learning Representative. Alternatively, contact the ASLEF Education team.

BECTU Sector of Prospect: CULT Cymru  

Contact BECTU 

Siân Gale 
BECTU: Sector of Prospect 
029 2099 0132 
Twitter: @cult_cymru 
Facebook: @cultcymru

BECTU Covid-19 response

CULT Cymru is a learning project led by BECTU in partnership with Equity, the Musicians’ Union and the Writers’ Guild.  We work with industry workers, employers and other organisations to arrange learning activities and networking events throughout Wales.

Due to Covid-19 our face to face delivery is on hold so we are:

  • Finding out what you’d like in terms of learning / continual professional development and wellbeing options and how you would like to learn these online.  We aim to offer most of these activities either free or at a highly subsidised rate (sometimes a deposit may be requested to secure your place and to avoid cancellations). 
  • Identifying innovative ways of utilising the skills, knowledge and experience of creative workers and enabling those that want to, to share these skills with others. This would include experienced trainers as well as those who want to know more about skills share and delivering training. We want to hear your ideas on how you think this could work – please fill in our survey below.
  • Sign-posting you to other available information and support both industry specific and generic training via our website.

A major part of our work at CULT Cymru is to help you identify your personal learning and professional development needs. We need to learn more about you, the skills you want to develop and the type of education and training you prefer, so that we can ensure you have access to high quality learning that is relevant and affordable.

BFAWU: Progression through Participation

Contact BFAWU

Claire James
Project Development Manager
BFAWU Learning Project Wales
02920481518 opt 4 or
Twitter: @bfawu1
Facebook: @bfawu

BFAWU Covid-19 response

The BFAWU are here to support you during this crisis. Our Wales Union Learning Fund project has been refocussed during this time to offer practical courses that you can do online. We want to offer support to those workers in the industries that we represent that have been affected. 

If you are key worker, still working hard and would like a qualification to further your career, if you have been furloughed and would like to do some courses while you have the time or if you are shielding or self-isolating then please browse the available support by clicking on the links below. The courses are also available to family members. When you have identified a course you would like to take please contact Claire James before enrolling. 

We have a range of courses related to the food industry but also courses that might just help you personally get through the crisis. There are courses on ICT, language courses, ESoL, management and supervisory skills and also a variety of personal development courses.

Visit Learning Plus and Ajuda to see the list of courses. 

COMMUNITY: Footsteps to change your working world

Contact Community

Lisa Francis
WULF Project Manager
07834745809 or 02920668800  
Twitter: @communityunion
Facebook: @CommunityUnion

Community Covid-19 response

Community wants to do all it can to support its members during these uncertain times. We have adapted our WULF project to give members the opportunity to learn from the comfort of their home.

Community has secured discounts from various online learning providers so you can take a course without a financial worry. 

Staff Skills Training
Community have secured 25 spaces for unlimited access to Staff Skills Training. Courses range from admin to beauty and HR to sales. You can also search based on how long you have available to do a course. Contact Lisa Francis on the details above to ask about getting one of the 25 free places. 

Browse the e-learning options below and contact Lisa Francis on the details above before enrolling. 

Litmos’ diverse range of over 830 courses provides you with the tools you need to do your job better, and hopefully make it a bit easier too. Subjects range from Health and Safety, Mental Health, Project Management, ICT, Data Compliance and many more.

Community has secured 65% off a huge range of courses for members and you can apply for an additional £200 off through Community’s WULF project. Contact Lisa Francis for details.  The New Skills Academy includes courses on admin, computer skills, personal development, social care and education.

Community is currently offering a range of free courses via e-careers. These courses include accounting & bookkeeping, cyber security, IT and project management.Community has also secured 10-15% off all courses on e-careers for members and you can apply for an additional £200 off through Community’s WULF project. Contact Lisa Francis for details. 

Community has secured 40% discount for members

Free bite size learning in GCSE maths and English, raising awareness of mental health and GDPR awareness.

CWU: Learning Project Worker for Wales, Learning Together 3 

Contact CWU

Kim Johnson
Twitter: @CWUnews
Facebook: @ThecommunicationsUnion

CWU Covid-19 response

All our members are Key Workers and the CWU WULF project would like to support you, your families, friends and colleagues living and working in Wales with access to online learning opportunities.

These learning opportunities can provide you with skills for your current role, fill gaps to apply for promotion and even change your career! They can also provide you with methods to enhance digital inclusion as well as providing support for health and well-being.

If you’re a CWU member visit our CWU Leftclick webiste fo free online courses. These courses may help you in your daily life; at work, at home, for your personal development, for your hobbies – or just for the fun of it! Some of the courses have been produced by the CWU, others are signposted by other providers.

For both CWU members and non-members there are many online providers and thousands of on-line courses available to you. We can assist with finding a good course and also funding up to £200 of the course fees.

Get in touch with Kim Johnson for more information on or  07710 854 891.

FBU: Blazing a Pathway to Learning

Contact FBU

Simon Fleming
FBU WULF Project Manager
Twitter: @FBULearn
Facebook: @FireBrigadesUnion1918

FBU Covid-19 response

The FBU has a proven track record in the promotion of education as a powerful resource that, when used, is a most powerful ally. We also understand the importance that education plays in the lives of our members at work and in our family and social lives.

We will attempt to update our learners and partners as often as possible.

If you work for the  Fire Service, courses can now be taken with no personal contact, from your home and at your own pace through the FBU education website

These Level 2 accredited courses include:

Also available is training on Heat Illness Prevention and Awareness 

FDA: Pathways to inclusion in the public sector in Wales 

Contact FDA 

Neil Rider
Head of FDAlearn and Keyskills
07984 789268    
Twitter: @FDA_union

FDA Covid-19 response

During this period we are re-focusing our offer to both deliver on our original aims and support workers facing new challenges as a result of the crisis. There is a strong link to our main aim of supporting in-job progression for workers in diverse groups as re-deployment is affecting many of our members.

As well as challenges there are opportunities and we have worked with employers, members and other unions in the sector to develop an offer through webinars, interactive short courses and an e-learning platform. As the crisis passes this will work well with classroom based offers to enhance impact.

GMB: Essential Skills Learning Advocacy

Contact GMB 

Mike Wilson
GMB WULF Project Manager
07462 575666 
Twitter: @GMB_union
Facebook: @GMBunion

GMB Covid-19 response

The GMB union are offering support for all workers during this crisis. We have put together a learning offer for workers in Wales.  As a union, we have members in the public and private sector and we welcome interest from workers and their family members. We are offering on-line advice and guidance and access to online courses.

We recognise the importance of supporting key workers during this period and, for that reason, we are keen to support workers in social care in particular. In addition, we recognise that many workers across all industries are potentially under threat of redundancy, both now and post-crisis, or are being furloughed and may have an opportunity to undertake some learning. We want to provide support for those who need it most in this difficult time. 

GMB is currently offering a range of free courses via e-careers. The courses include accounting & bookkeeping, cyber security, IT and project management. 

There are many other ways that the GMB can advise and support you during these times. For more information about the GMB union visit our website -

NAPO:  Inclusive Skills Improvement Project (ISIP)

Contact NAPO

Ian Freshwater
NAPO WULF Project Manager  
Twitter: @napocymru1

NEU: Skill-Up 

Contact NEU

Beth Roberts
NEU WULF Co-ordinator
029 2049 1818   
Twitter: @neucymrutrain
Facebook: @neucymrutraining
Instagram: @neu_cymru_training

NEU Covid-19 response

NEU Cymru's “Skill-Up” project aims to provide education professionals with opportunities for skills development and professional growth. All learning opportunities and updates can be found on Facebook.

NUJ: Continuous Skills Development in a Rapidly Changing Industry 

Contact NUJ

Rachel Howells
Project Manager 
NUJ Cymru Training Wales
07974 376631
Twitter: @NUJTrainWales

NUJ Covid-19 response

NUJ Training Wales is continuing to provide essential training for journalists and communications professionals in Wales throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

We have already taken steps to provide as much of our training as possible remotely as webinars. Some have already taken place, including a Survive and Thrive webinar for freelance journalists to help them understand their rights and the support now being made available to them. More of this training is currently being scheduled. 

We know that diversification and additional skills are important and are making many of our existing courses available as webinars over the coming months, including podcasting, video, web and writing workshops. Workers who are now suddenly working from home or facing the challenge of reporting the crisis may require wellbeing, mental health or resilience training, and these will also soon be on offer. 

Please visit the NUJ training website  and sign up to our mailing list to find out the latest webinar dates as they become available.

PCS: Gaining Accessible Learning in Wales 4 

Contact PCS

Jayne Smith & Steven Donoghue
Project Co-ordinators 
02920 666363
Facebook: @PCSWULF

PCS Covid-19 response

PCS staff in Wales are working hard to provide PCS members with support and advice during this difficult and uncertain time and members of PCS WULF Project staff are still available via email  Further detail of the 2019-22 PCS WULF Project Gaining Accessible Learning in Wales 4 (GALW4) can be found by following this link

PCS face-to-face courses have been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak and so we are finding ways to keep the WULF workplace learning programme going in whatever ways we can. This will involve online delivery via a combination of email, webinar and other digital learning platforms.

POA: Skills Accelerator Wales 

Contact POA

Nigel Williamson
POA Learning
WULF Project Manager
Twitter: @POALearning
Facebook: @POALearningOfficial

POA Covid-19 response

During the coronavirus Crisis and for the period following, POA will be continuing to offer distance learning and online learning and development for their members as per the current project targets. Much of the CPD is delivered via these methods and there should not be much difference to normal practices for these at this moment.

There are over 40 short on-line courses taking about 4 hours on average and delivering a certified outcome the full list is available here.

We can also offer access to longer distance learning opportunities that deliver full level 2 qualifications and although we can offer a more extensive list we can make the following course available via our collaborative agreement with FBU

Autism Awareness
Behaviour that Challenges
Business Admin
Care Planning
Caring for Children & Young People
Children & Young People's Mental Health
Common Childhood Illnesses
Common Health Conditions
Counselling Skills 
Dignity & Safeguarding in ASC
Dyslexia & Specific Learning Difficulties
End of Life Care
Equality & Diversity
Information, Advice & Guidance
Learning Disabilities
Mental Health Awareness
Nutrition & Health
Team Leading
Working in Adult Social Care

Contact Nigel Williamson for more information.

RCM: Personal and Professional Learning for Midwives and Maternity Support Workers in Wales

Contact RCM

Richard Blakeley
RCM Learning Organiser Wales
Twitter: @MidwivesRCM
Facebook: @MidwivesRCM

RCM Covid-19 response

UNISON: Connecting Learners in the Public Services in Wales

Unison Contact

Richard Speight 
Area Learning & Development Organiser - North Wales
01492 511656 

Jenny Griffin
Area Learning & Development Organiser - South Wales
Connecting Learners in the Public Services in Wales
02920 729 463
Facebook: @unisoncymruwaleslearning 

UNISON Covid-19 response

As part of our commitment to supporting vital key workers through this crisis, UNISON Cymru Wales is offering a FREE Covid-19 e-learning course to our social care members and workers in Wales. The courses are run in partnership with e-Learning For You, an established provider of e-learning in the care sector, and funded by the Welsh Government’s Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF).The course includes:

  • important information about the virus
  • signs and symptoms
  • hand washing technique
  • principles of infection control 
  • guidance for keeping the people supported by social care (and the workers yourselves) as safe as possible from coronavirus.  

The course takes about twenty minutes to complete and can be easily accessed through any mobile device or computer. You will receive a certificate when you complete the course.

Register for the Covid-19 course

And our UNISON WULF Project isn’t stopping there. Unison is currently offering a range of free courses via e-careers. The courses include accounting & bookkeeping, cyber security, IT and project management

We are also working with existing tutors to move face to face delivery to alternative online and digital methods so that staff can still access learning to support them in their work at this difficult time. Contact Jenny or Richard for more information. 

UNITE: Learn with Unite - Pathways to Progress

Contact Unite

Sue Da’Casto
Regional Learning Organiser
Richard Jackson 
Union Learning Organiser
02920 022759 / 07768 931 284

Twitter: @UniteWales
Facebook: @learnwithunite.unitetheunion

Unite Covid-19 response

Unite the union want to offer as much support to workers in Wales affected by the corona virus. 
Unite has an extensive range of training opportunities available for members, and right now we are working hard to extend our offer of training and support and respond as quickly as possible to new demands in a rapidly changing society. 

Although a lot of training now will be accessed online we recognise that online learning can be hard on your own so  we are building tutor time into many of our courses to replicate a classroom situation as much as possible, so you feel motivated, safe and supported.

We are encouraging workers in Wales to take on some form of learning and development during this challenging time.

In particular, we welcome applications from:

  • Key workers wishing to complete a qualification to further their career
  • Furloughed workers who want to learn new skills
  • Workers under threat of redundancy who need help with CV writing and job interview skills
  • People at home because they are either shielding or needing to isolate themselves 
  • Parents needing help and support with home schooling
  • Workers looking at redeployment and in need of qualifications and training.

Training available through Unite:

There are online courses that cover a huge range of subjects including vocational and industry qualifications, essential skills, personal development and health and wellbeing. In addition, there are a host of resources and advice on staying safe and keeping well during this time.
Browse the links below for a flavour of what's on offer. Remember this is not an exclusive list - if there are any areas of training you are interested in you can't see here then get in touch.

A series of free Unite workshops on Employability skills starting from 26 April. The workshops will cover CV writing, job search and interview skills, and confidence building.
Links to other Unite campaigns to support you:

We are offering a 25% discount through Unite WULF. Contact with information about the course you’re interested in taking.  

Courses in literacy, numeracy, ESOL and level 2 ICT which are free to Unite members

Over 700 free short taster courses covering health and safety, health and wellbeing, diversity and Inclusion, communication and social skills, and personal development.

Free bite-sized Functional Skills and GCSE Maths and English revision.

Use Discount code UNITE14 at the shopping cart to get access to courses from just £14. 

Unite is also offering a range of free courses via e-careers. The courses include accounting & bookkeeping, cyber security, IT and project management.

Sign up for the latest information on how Unite can support you

Our Facebook page is updated daily with current information about learning opportunities. 
Contact the WULF team directly on for further information and guidance about accessing any of these courses.

The Skills Network is one of the UK’s most successful providers of technology-enabled training and skills solutions.

Unite’s funding opportunities:

There's a lot of free stuff out there that you may not be aware of!

  • Many courses are fully funded or discounted for members. 
  • Unite WULF has a training budget that can offer £200 per year towards training costs if you are in any type of employment. 
  • We cover all sectors in Wales, wherever we have members, and non-members can access training as well.
  • We can fund any course accredited up to level 3 (A level equivalent) as long as it's linked to job and career development.
  • We can fund both members and non-members as long as you're in full or part time work (even if you're furloughed). 
  • If you're not currently working we can still help to signpost and guide you into funded training.
  • We offer training, advice and guidance with employability skills - CV writing, job searching and interview skills, presentation skills and confidence building, to ensure you feel job ready. 
  • We don't only help with online training. We offer bespoke workplace training and can help arrange training in your workplace, once we're back to normal.

URTU: Driving Forward Lifelong Learning 

Contact URTU 

Jeff Latham
URTU Learning Project Manager
Twitter: @urtulearning

URTU Covid-19 response

During the coronavirus crisis, URTU will continue to promote short online remote CPD courses. We will continue to develop a wider remote training and learning offer and organise and run workplace training sessions where permitted.

We aim to continue informal digital skills engagement sessions through remote platforms and workshops.  We intend to offer funded progression opportunities onto full qualifications when this becomes possible.

Our courses can be found at:

A list of available opportunities are on the site and the offer is open to fellow unions and their members.

Usdaw: Developing and mainstreaming a learning and skills offer to improve employability of Usdaw members in Wales

Contact Usdaw

Pam Stanton
Usdaw Lifelong Learning Project Worker
02920 731131
South Wales –  Tel 029 2073 1131
North Wales – Tel 019 2557 8050
Twitter: @UsdawUnion
Facebook: @UsdawUnion
YouTube: UsdawTV

Usdaw Covid-19 response

You, as Usdaw members and your families have been at the forefront of ensuring Wales is able to access essential food and medicines during this crisis. To help you and your families, we are able to offer access to online learning courses, via our WULF project.

Please see the information below. Just follow the link to our online courses through the Gateway. We hope this helps you all in these challenging times, thank you for your continued amazing contribution.

Visit the Usdaw Learning Gateway

The Usdaw Learning Gateway: 

  • Links to courses to improve your English, Maths, Digital Skills and Health and Wellbeing
  • You can learn at a time that suits you.
  • You can use the Gateway for personal and career development or just for fun. 
  • Families as well can take part - why not get the kids involved?
  • Many of the courses are free or subsidised
  • Discretionary grants available through WULF (funded by Welsh Government)
  • Redundancy information and support (contact Pam at Cardiff Office for more information specific to Wales)
  • Includes links to Union Learning Rep and rep development courses

Many of the courses are free or subsidised. There are discretionary grants available through WULF for courses which are not free.

Please contact Pam Stanton on 02920 731131 or Pamela.Stanton@USDAW.ORG.UK for more information. 
North Wales – Tel 019 2557 8050