A Wales TUC Cymru network to support trade union reps campaigning for greener workplaces and a just transition.

Credit: SolStock
Credit: SolStock

Join us and become part of a supportive and friendly network which is open to all trade union officers, reps and activists - including green reps, health and safety reps, union reps, union learning reps and other branch officials with an interest in tackling the climate and nature emergencies, promoting workplace sustainability and campaigning for a worker-led just transition. 

The network meets online around 4-5 times per year, with occasional in-person sessions. Each meeting will feature guest speakers to explore different topics, provide an opportunity for reps to network and share good practice and include an update from the Wales TUC.

Date for the next Network Meeting :Thurs 29 Feb - 10.00 to 12.00 

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