A snapshot of workers in Wales’ understanding and experience of AI

Ceri Williams
Policy officer - Wales TUC
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Research and reports
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Worker voice in shaping workplace technologies
Our research found widespread frustration from workers about limitations and exercising their voice and negotiating technology at work.

Automation supplanting human judgement

According to reps, technologies were being introduced into the workplace by employers with the stated goal of improving accuracy and efficiency. However, a weak understanding and improper application of the technologies and failure to incorporate worker insight by employers was leading to an environment where workers are further disempowered.

Retail workers cited that they often had good evidence that AI-generated targets did not sufficiently allow for the tasked activity but had limited ways to challenge management. One retail worker said:

“People are being disciplined for failing targets. But when we challenge employers about inaccurate task time targets, they say ‘AI is cleverer than you.’”

A local government worker cited an example where a pregnant colleague had been penalised for failing to meet a target that did not incorporate reasonable adjustments. 

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