A snapshot of workers in Wales’ understanding and experience of AI

Ceri Williams
Policy officer - Wales TUC
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Research and reports
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Wales TUC Congress Resolution 2022: Data and AI

Congress acknowledges that the capability of new technology to capture, store and process large amounts of data has changed greatly in recent years and has accelerated the development of applicable artificial intelligence (AI).

Congress notes that this may create potential opportunities for innovation across all sectors of the economy, however Congress further notes careful consideration must be given to the potential unintended consequences of algorithm based decision-making AI.

Congress believes that workers must be informed from the outset when any form of new technology is introduced into the workplace and understands that new technology can present specific challenges.

Congress also believes that all workers should be able to access the skills and qualifications required to adapt to the changing world of work.

Congress is therefore calling on Welsh Government to develop a framework in which the following may be applicable as considerations when organisations are seeking support, financial or otherwise, for the development of new technology in the workplace:

  • Worker Voice - workers are central to the discussions regarding the implementation of new technology
  • Data Justice – data collected from workers is with consent and all efforts are taken to eliminate the consequences of algorithmic bias
  • Data Surveillance – data gathered does not adversely impact workers
  • Job Displacement – worker involvement with training opportunities to be provided and ongoing investment in skills, including through continued commitment to Union Learning
  • Worker-centric environment – Adherence to well-being, health and safety of workers.

Furthermore, Congress calls on all relevant and responsible parties, including but not limited to Welsh Government, to:

  • Campaign to amend elements of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
  • Co-ordinate a global union response with sister unions nationally and internationally
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