Learn something new from home

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There are some great online learning offers.

Catching up on a box set or playing board games round the table are great. But what about challenging yourself to learn a new skill? Or maybe now is the time to find out if wedding planning really is the career for you.

All the courses on all the sites below are free. The variety of topics is huge, from workplace skills and ICT to forensic science for beginners.

Dig in. And if you find something you like let us know on Twitter or on Facebook so we can share it with others.

TUC reps courses

Learn how to be a Union Rep, Health and Safety Rep or Union Learning Rep by attending one of our reps courses.

TUC short courses

Short courses on workplace issues like your rights at work, sexual harassment and tacking the far right. Visit our education site to find out more.

WULF projects

The Wales Union Learning Fund can pay for learning related to your work or career. Use our list of unions to find out what opportunities are available to you. If you're not in a union you can still benefit from a WULF funded project - just search for the unions who work in your sector. 

Coping with Covid

Use our short Coping with Covid video sessions to learn tools and techniques to help you look after yourself.


Free bite-sized elearning courses from the TUC. The courses last no longer than 15 minutes and cover safe video conferencing, helping your children learn at home, five ways to wellbeing, safe home working, learning at home, and introduction to personal finances.

Careers Wales

Search for right course for you by topic, location or level of qualification. Some Careers Wales courses are free and some have costs associated with them.

Free Welsh language course

Learn Welsh (a national Welsh for Adults e-learning platform) has produced free 10 minute videos for beginners on Facebook


Courses on technology, language, science, health, humanities, business, maths, marketing, lifestyle all available on Alison.


A not-for-profit academy offering maths, science and arts & humanities courses, plus prep for exams. Includes support for those trying to home-school children. Try one of their free courses today. 


Over 1,000 courses, videos and tutorials from the Open University – including a tutorial to discover whether or not you’d make a good eye witness!

An introduction to The Open University in Wales


Psychology and mental health, science, education and many, many more from the Open University. Discover the full range here.


Job-focused courses covering everything from business and admin to dementia care and nutrition and health. Visit today for flexible courses. 


Wedding planning, construction management, life coaching, digital marketing, cyber security and many more to explore.

Learn My Way

Free digital courses such as using your computer, online basics, office programmes and internet skills.

Find even more free online courses by using the UnionLearn database.

Interested in a paid-for course? Take a look at this list of funded schemes in Wales available for both individuals and employers.

Third Sector Support Wales

If you work in a charity, voluntary organisation, community group or social enterprise the e-learning courses are created with you in mind!