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Commenting on the latest employment figures published today (Thursday), Wales TUC General Secretary Shavanah Taj said:

“There’s a national disaster unfolding. Vacancies at an all-time low, jobs are being lost every day and young workers are struggling to enter the jobs market. But the UK Government is watching from the side-lines, instead of saving jobs with targeted support for the hardest-hit sectors like retail, manufacturing and aviation.

“The more people we have in work, the faster we will work our way out of recession. Without comprehensive action to protect and create good quality, fair work jobs, the economic crisis will be longer and harder.

“We can create jobs by fast-tracking infrastructure projects. We can build a greener and fairer Welsh economy through major investments in renewable energy projects such as tidal lagoons, low carbon travel infrastructure, an ambitious green social housing programme, and a national retrofitting scheme to decarbonise Wales’ housing stock.

“But to achieve this we need Westminster to provide the Welsh Government with a level of funding that matches the seriousness of the challenges we face."