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The Wales TUC Black Activist Development Programme (BADP) targets union members who self-identify as coming from a Black Asian and minority ethnic background.

The programme is designed to develop skills in those who want to progress in their union or are interested in supporting people in the workplace who experience racial harassment and discrimination.

The participants learn about topics such as union structures, the role of union reps, organising, campaigning and negotiation.

The BADP was launched as part of Wales TUC's commitment to supporting the Welsh Government’s Anti-racist Wales Action Plan. The programme aims to increase the representation of people from ethnic minority backgrounds in leadership and senior roles.

The programme, which began in March 2023 is a combination of online and face-to-face modules with union-focused activities to develop participants' skills, knowledge and confidence to become influential activists and take up union leadership roles.

The pilot programme will conclude in late February 2024 allowing a year of development for the participants.

We are aiming to launch a second programme in the spring and will provide more information as soon as it’s available. If, however, you wish to speak to one of the team about the next BADP, please contact the office

9 women from Wales join the Black Activist Development Programme

This pilot, although open to all both men and women, was populated by 9 women from across mid and south Wales.

9 women from Wales join the Black Activist Development Programme

The ages of the participants range from young members in their 20s to retired members in their 70s and there is a wonderful mix of heritage, family backgrounds and work sectors within the group.

The age combination means a collective experience age of 393 years allowing for a far greater range of multi-faceted experience sharing than we could have expected.

The programme is run by Wales TUC staff members AJ Singh and Flick Stock with support from Humie Webbe.

Humie is a Freelance Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant who works with various organisations, supporting them with their anti-racism plans and strategies. She is a Community Mentor for the Welsh Government's Culture Division and an Associate with Practice Solutions, advising and supporting them in delivering their Anti-racist Wales Action Plan commitments relating to culture and social care, respectively.

Humie advocates for continued self-learning and self-development. She considers the BADP participants' openness about their experiences of racism to have strengthened her learning practice and union activism. Humie developed the BADP alongside the participants, witnessing their increased confidence and personal growth, and considers the programme one of her proudest achievements.

Humie Webbe

“I’m privileged to work alongside a fantastic group of people to design this first BADP.

This experience has increased my activism and commitment to ensuring unions continue to listen and act to strengthen support for our ethnic minority members!”

Humie Webbe

Meet the Black Activist Development Programme 2023-24 participants

Abiola Adio, Rianna Powell, Shahien Taj
Left to right - Abiola Adio, Rianna Powell, Shahien Taj

Abiola Adio “As a person who abhors injustice and loves to be of help to people, signing up on the BADP has exceeded my expectations due to my increased confidence level, impacted knowledge and awakened a sense of need to be actionable”.

Rianna Powell “The BADP has reignited an enthusiasm to fight injustices and be a voice in the spaces needed to make change”.

Shahien Taj “Taking part in the BADP leadership programme has been a truly unique and enriching experience. The modules on union structures and campaigning have not only equipped me with essential skills but have also increased my confidence and understanding of how to effectively address discrimination within the workplace. This programme has gone beyond offering me these essential skills and knowledge; this programme created an open and nurturing environment where I and others felt encouraged to explore our potential as activists and future union leaders”.

Rahila Hamid, Abena Louisa St Bartholomew-Brown Morgan ("Nana"), Tansaim Hussain-Gul
From left to right - Rahila Hamid, Abena Louisa St Bartholomew-Brown Morgan ("Nana"), Tansaim Hussain-Gul

Rahila Hamid “BADP has helped me develop further in confidence, skills and knowledge. It’s been a very empowering programme, the way the modules are structured and presented by the excellent trainer with input from the participants who are from very diverse communities combines wider experiences and knowledge. BADP has strengthened my desire and ability to challenge inequality as an activist either in employment or the community thanks to Humie, AJ and Flick”.

Abena Louisa St Bartholomew-Brown Morgan (‘Nana’) “Being told that I had my own prejudices inspired me to join the programme. This is not just a training programme as I thought it would be. It’s more about enlightenment, for me to take a good look at myself and my surroundings, the people around me and learning what it means to be boldly empowered to tackle the general status quo in a very positive way. Furthermore, in the society we live in today, with the rich culture every inhabitant in Wales brings with them, it is important to inform our friends, work colleagues, the public, etc., that each one of us are culturally different. Thus, it is. It is important raise cultural awareness and let people understand the cultural and educational wealth that we can bring to make Wales a vibrant place to live in”.

Tansaim Hussain-Gul “BADP has given me that ultimate strength and confidence to develop myself in roles I wouldn’t think I was capable of. It’s given me the tools and skills to present and understand my own strengths and weaknesses”. Read more about Tansaim

Iman Haq, Shirley Newbury, Princess Onyeanusi
From left to right - Iman Haq, Shirley Newbury, Princess Onyeanusi

Iman Haq “Doing the BADP helped me explore my identity and connect to other people from different backgrounds. What I discovered was that we are all human – whilst everyone had experienced racism or discrimination, we all dealt with issues that were universal, whether that was worries about their physical and mental health to looking for career opportunities and interview skills.”

Shirley Newbury “I thought the BADP was a training course, but it was so much more! Thought provoking sessions, and invaluable information. It has inspired and given me the knowledge and support I needed to be an effective part of change. The tutor and support staff are excellent, and the progression from where I was to where I am now is immense. Thank you so much BADP.”

Princess Onyeanusi “BADP has provided me an opportunity to bring my confidence back to a position where I can speak up for others when previously I hesitated to even speak up for myself. It has availed me of the right environment to network with other persons with similar lived experience”.