Far-right extremism is on the rise in our workplaces and communities. Since the Brexit referendum we’ve seen increased far-right activity across Wales.

Far-right activists have been mobilising in our streets and online, often seeking recruits in communities suffering years of neglect, under-funding and unemployment.

These include many of our own communities here in Wales.

Try our Tackling the Far-right eNote today.

Who’s this eNote for?

This eNote is for trade union reps who want to learn about ways to tackle the far right in their workplace and community.

How will it help me?

This eNote will:

➔ explain who the far right is and why we oppose them

➔ give you practical tips on how to campaign against the far right

➔ let you practice answering difficult questions you may encounter.

Our Tackling the Far-right eNote is available in both Welsh and English.