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This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF). During November we will be celebrating by sharing stories of people who've benefited from the fund.
Workers at First Bus Swansea have benefited from WULF funding
Workers at First Bus Swansea have benefited from WULF funding

Since it was set up in 1999, WULF has supported over 200 learning projects. Thousands of working people in almost every industry have taken part. The projects have included:

  • Wales-wide projects to support recently arrived migrant workers

  • Specific workplace projects such as the Essential Skills classes held at a factory dubbed ‘The Pot Noodle Academy’

  • Projects on useful skills such as literacy, computer skills and Welsh language 

  • Opportunities to learn alternative skills such as cake decorating, nail painting and make up artistry. 

Deri Bevan, Head of Learning at Wales TUC said, "The impact and legacy of WULF cannot be overestimated. It is a brilliant example of how strong partnerships between trade unions and Government can help working people and, ultimately, the economy of Wales."

Celebrate with stories

WULF learner Mark Church
Mark Church learnt to read thanks to a WULF-funded course

We have some amazing WULF learner stories to share this month. Stories from people like Mark Church who, in his 40s, decided to seek help for his problems with reading. He took a WULF-funded Essential Skills course and he describes the difference it made to his life as “like being let out of cage.” He is now confident in completing work tasks like filling in forms and using computer software. He's also able to help his daughter with her homework.

You can find these stories on our website and social media during November. We are also creating an interactive exhibition to highlight 20 stories about how WULF has made a real difference to people’s lives. The exhibition will available to view at the Wales TUC Union Learning Reps conference in Newport on the 27 & 28 November.

If you are a union learning rep there's still time to register for the ULR conference.

WULF is an example of true social partnership

Deri Bevan believes that WULF is a shining example of why social partnership in Wales is so important.

He says: “We are very thankful to Welsh Government for the on-going support that they have given the trade unions through WULF. It highlights what can be done when there is true social partnership. In return for the financial support, the unions provide their time and expertise and use their unique position in the workplace to give the most vulnerable and hard to reach workers an opportunity to develop themselves and others. It provides people with equality of opportunity, and helps us to make unionised workplaces fairer and more productive."

What's your WULF story?

We want to hear your story! If you've been involved in a WULF project or in trade union learning in the past then please get in touch online:

We're also happy to hear from you if you have a happy birthday message for WULF!