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Wales TUC warmly welcome the publication of a letter from the Welsh Government to the UK Government which restates their strong opposition to the Strikes Act. We support their objections to the proposed code of practice on the so-called reasonable measures which unions would have to take to implement the Act.

In his letter to the UK Minister Kevin Hollinrake MP, the Counsel General for Wales, Mick Antoniw MS says the Strikes Act is “unnecessary and probably unworkable.”

On the code of practice on so-called reasonable steps for unions to implement the Act, the MS for Pontypridd says they are “onerous, excessive and overly prescriptive”.

He says the requirements will place “significant additional requirements on trade unions”

On picketing, the Counsel General points out that “the draft Code places picket supervisors in an invidious position by expecting them to encourage workers named in a work notice to attend work.”

This is a powerful intervention by the Welsh Government on a topic of vital importance. The right to strike is well founded in British law and Welsh tradition. 

The trade unions in Wales and the Welsh Government and devolved public bodies are committed to work together in partnership to resolve disputes.  This is the best way of assuring high quality services for the public and good terms and conditions for workers. 

Read the full letter from the Counsel General to the UK Government.