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The Wales TUC has responded to the publication of the final report from the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales.

Wales TUC National Officer Julie Cook said:

"We strongly welcome the Independent Commission’s final report.

For far too long we’ve lacked a clear sense of direction on where Welsh democracy is headed. Even if people might disagree on specific recommendations, there’s no doubt that this report provides a thorough analysis of the challenges our institutions are facing and, crucially, sets out strong recommendations for where we go next.

What matters now is political leadership. We need to see politicians in both Cardiff and London engage in good faith and be willing to look past narrow self-interest.

Our research consistently shows that a clear majority of workers in Wales are pro-devolution and want most policy decisions to be taken in Wales.

We’ll continue to fight to ensure that our political institutions work to secure a fair deal for workers across the country, while remaining committed to the principle that the further devolution of power and resources should be pursued only where there is a clear case that it will benefit all working people."