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The Wales TUC has today launched a new toolkit aimed at getting workers across Wales reading more.

The Quick Reads Toolkit focuses on promoting the use of the Welsh Books Council’s Quick Reads book series. Quick Reads are short, easy-to-read books that have been written for people who want to improve their reading skills and build their confidence.

Too many workers are currently held back by poor literacy. 1 in 8 adults in Wales struggles with reading and a quarter of the population hasn’t read a book in the last six months.

The Wales TUC’s toolkit is full of practical advice and information for trade union representatives about how they can encourage their colleagues to read more. 

Angharad Halpin, Policy and Communications Support Officers, Wales TUC said:

“Reading brings with it a huge number of benefits for both work and personal life and Quick Reads can help people to access those benefits. They are great stories in English and in Welsh, and they are ideal for those who have lost the habit of reading or who find reading tough.

“By taking a bite-sized approach to reading we aim to overcome any confidence issues and show that reading can be a fun and inspiring activity for all.”

The Quick Reads series covers a huge range of topics in both fiction and non-fiction. It includes books by well-known authors such as Hayley Long, Ian Rankin, Maeve Binchy and sporting celebrities Gareth Thomas and Colin Jackson.

Since 2006, 101 books have been published in Wales as part of the Quick Reads project. 48 of those books are in Welsh.