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Welsh Government has today reinforced the need to follow the law in its latest coronavirus review.

Responding to the First Minister’s press conference this afternoon, Wales TUC General Secretary Shavanah Taj said:

“Bosses need to listen to the First Minister and follow the law – they need to carry out risk assessments in consultation with staff, put in the necessary changes to manage risk and then make sure this is up-to-date and continues to be applied. There is never an excuse to not comply with the law. And employers need to respect the rights of their employees. If someone if pregnant, for example, they must complete an individual risk assessment for them.

“We especially welcome the stronger messaging on how to keep shops safer. Retail workers have been reporting that more and more people have stopped wearing face coverings and that they aren’t being consulted on changes to safety measures. Welsh Government has responded swiftly to these concerns, working with unions and employers to make sure that we don’t reverse the progress that’s been made to reduce infection rates.“

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