Issue date
20 Jul 2017

Commenting on the news that the Great Western Mainline will now not be electrified to Swansea, Wales TUC General Secretary Martin Mansfield said:

“The UK government is turning its back on the Welsh economy. First, they went back on the promise to electrify the Valley lines and today’s decision to ditch their pledge to Swansea is a fresh insult to the people of Wales.

 "If work had started at the Swansea end there is no way they'd have turned off the money before electrification had reached Reading.  Why do UK Ministers think it's acceptable for Wales to be denied funding and to get a second rate service?

“On top of these broken promises, the UK government’s silence on the Tidal Lagoon project is deafening.

“UK ministers should now act fast to reverse today’s decision and back the jobs and investment Tidal Lagoon offers South West Wales.”