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• New Opinium/Wales TUC survey of 1500 workers in Wales shows that they back trade unions by a ratio of 8 to 1.
• 57% of workers in Wales approve of unions – up from 2022 survey – and just 7% oppose.
• 220,000 Welsh workers think it’s likely that they’ll lose their job in the next year.
• Hundreds of union activists will meet today (Tuesday 17th October) in Cardiff for the Wales TUC’s Organise Now conference.

Welsh workers have signalled their overwhelming support for trade unions in new survey data released today. The research, undertaken by the independent research company Opinium on behalf of the Wales TUC, shows approval of trade unions is at 57% and disapproval stands at just 7% - an 8:1 ratio in support.

In contrast, approval of the UK Government stands at just 19%.

In the same survey, workers have expressed their fears for their jobs as high interest rates and underinvestment threaten the Welsh economy.  15% of the Welsh workforce – equivalent to 220,000 people - say they think it’s either likely or highly likely they’ll face unemployment by this time next year.

This data has been released to coincide with the Wales TUC’s Organise Now conference which is taking place in Cardiff today (Tuesday 17th October).

The conference, a first of its kind in Wales, will see hundreds of workers come together to engage in discussions on issues including organising within the gig economy, using new technologies to organise workers, and how to support morale during strike action.

The aim of Organise Now is to allow unions and their members to share knowledge and build on the successes that many have enjoyed over the last 18 months in pushing back against employers who have attempted to drive down wages and working conditions.

Wales TUC General Secretary Shavanah Taj said:

“This new data shows that workers in Wales know exactly what’s at stake at the moment and that they back trade unions to fight and win on their behalf.

“Conservative politicians and the right-wing media have tried to demonise the unions that have been battling for their members during this cost of living crisis.

“But the public is not stupid and they can see through the lies and smears. The truth is that the UK Government is woefully out of touch with ordinary people”

Editors note

• Opinium conducted a survey of 1500 workers in Wales between 13th July and 8th August. The results are weighted to be nationally and politically representative of the working population.

• The 19% figure for UK Government approval comes from the YouGov weekly tracker:


Joe Allen