The aim of this toolkit is to provide information to help union officers and reps in Wales who want to take action on the climate and nature emergency and negotiate for greener and fairer workplaces.
Greener workplaces for a just transition

It is designed to support the voice of workers and their unions. It provides information, tools and ideas to help union reps to campaign, organise and raise awareness.

It also includes negotiating and bargaining checklists on different areas of workplace sustainability. It aims to ensure that workers, through their unions, have a central voice in the changes that will be needed in every workplace to ensure we can achieve a just transition to a greener and fairer Wales.

The resources in this booklet are designed to be used on Wales TUC and union training courses, as well as to support action in the workplace and at community level.

A webinar about the toolkit is available to watch on replay here. Alongside the toolkit, we have set up a Greener Workplaces Network and a new training course Greening our workplaces - 'green skills' for trade unionists is now available.