Information for workers in Wales during the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic covering health and safety at work, taking time off and working from home.

Wales TUC is working with Welsh Government and other organisations to support workers in Wales affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The UK Government needs to prioritise:

  • Boosting benefit payments and removing the delays in access
  • Introducing decent sick pay for alllevel with the Real Living Wage
  • A massive economic stimulus plan
  • Ensuring that the promised support for self-employed people reaches workers as soon as possible
  • Paid parental leave for those who need time off work

Our General Secretary Shavanah Taj is calling for more support for NHS and other key workers, including testing and pastoral care. 

Coronavirus advice - health

For advice on what do to if you think you have COVID-19 visit the Public Health Wales website or the NHS website.

Coronavirus advice - looking after your mental health

Everyone is wondering how we are going to survive the coming months, worrying about job security or the challenges of working from home and being with family 24/7. But there are ways that you can protect your mental health and even lead to a growth in your mental wellbeing.

Read our blog for some tips on looking after your mental health during the coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus advice - help at work

Contact your union rep or official for advice on how coronavirus may affect you at work. 

Not in a union? Use our join a union tool to find the right one for you. 

The TUC has produced extensive guidance for trade union reps. It is designed to give you an understanding of the workplace issues in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also provide support in being effective at negotiating with employers steps that can be taken to best protect the health and safety of the workforce.

Read the TUC's cronoavirus advice for reps

We held a webinar for union reps about Covid-19 at work. The TUC's Health and Safety Officer, Shelly Asquith, answered questions from reps. 

Watch the Covid-19 webinar or download the slides

Coronavirus advice - working from home

Covid-19 will mean many workers are asked to work from home. We've put together some tips for people who are working from home for the first time. 

Read our blog about working from home

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Coronavirus - extra information

Senedd Research blog has compiled a useful list of where you can find information on topics including housing, benefits, health and education.

Find further Coronavirus advice

Join our #SickPayforAll campaign

At least 90,000 workers in Wales are not eligible for Statutory Sick Pay. And, at £94.24 a week, our rate of sick pay is nowhere near enough.

The UK government should introduce emergency legislation that:

  • Gives every worker the right to statutory sick pay from the first day of absence
  • Scraps the minimum earnings threshold for statutory sick pay
  • Ensures that sick pay is paid to workers having to self-isolate
  • Increase the weekly level of sick pay
  • Provide funds to ensure employers can afford to pay sick pay, and provide additional support to those who miss out

Sign our #SickPayforAll petition

Coronavirus advice - what are my rights to time off due to school closures?

If you have children, you may need to take time off due to nurseries and schools being closed.

You may have the right to take unpaid leave, if you've worked for your employer for 12 months or more. Your contract should confirm if you have this right, but you can also contact your union rep or manager if you’re unsure.

However, some workers don't have these rights, and face months without pay. Nobody should face losing their income or job for doing the right thing.

We’re calling for the UK Government to temporarily introduce guaranteed paid parental leave for one for one primary carer. They should reimburse employers, like they currently do for maternity leave.

Sign our petition and support working parents