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Welsh Government has announced strengthened legislation to ensure workplaces and shops are safer.

Reacting to the Welsh Government's announcement today (15 January) on strengthen legislation to ensure workplaces and shops are safer Shavanah Taj, Wales TUC General Secretary, said: “We strongly welcome these new measures to further protect workers and the wider public from coronavirus. Welsh Government has listened to workers’ concerns and has acted swiftly to address them. We know that fewer than a quarter of employers in Wales have been following the guidance on risk assessments in full, so strengthening the requirements around this is a very important step.

“No matter where someone works or what they do, they should not be at greater risk of catching coronavirus at work if there were measures their employer should have put in place to protect them. This means conducting risk assessments, sharing them with staff, implementing the necessary changes and reviewing them regularly, all in consultation with the workforce and their unions. We are confident that these measures will make this a reality for thousands more workers throughout Wales. We now look forward to working with government and employers on the detail of these new regulations will make our workplaces safer.”

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