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In response to today's announcement Shavanah Taj, Wales TUC General Secretary, said:

“We’ve strongly welcomed Welsh Government’s cautious approach to easing lockdown. Today’s announcement is another step which will enable more people to return to their usual workplace, but it remains absolutely critical that this is done safely. No worker should be placed at undue risk.

“Trade unions’ work with Welsh Government is key to understanding where employers are not complying with guidance and are putting workers and the public at risk.

“Many employers will take the necessary measures to keep their workers safe. But not all workers in Wales will be confident that their bosses think their health and safety is important. Your employer should carry out a proper risk assessment before they ask you to return to the workplaces. If you don’t think this has happened, or you don’t feel safe at work talk to  your trade union or get in touch with the Wales TUC via our whistleblowing form.”