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We are now one of only 55 organisations in Wales to join the the Welsh Language Commissioner's Cynnig Cymraeg scheme.

Wales TUC’s Cynnig Cymraeg states that, when communicating with Wales TUC you can expect to:   

  • Find that much of the Wales TUC website is bilingual    

  • Be able to speak to a member of staff wearing the Iaith Gwaith badge in Welsh   

  • Receive our e-newsletters bilingually  

  • Email or write to us in Welsh – we will respond in the same language    

  • See us using Welsh on social media and responding to your Welsh language comments in Welsh  

The Cynnig Cymraeg (Welsh offer) scheme was developed by the Welsh Language Commissioner to ensure that Welsh speakers know what Welsh language services are available to them. It is also the official recognition given by the Commissioner to organisations that they have collaborated with to plan ambitious Welsh language provision. 

Shavanah Taj, Wales TUC General Secretary said:  

“Treating the Welsh and English languages equally is part of our commitment to equality and diversity. We want everyone to be able to communicate with us in the language of their choice. I’m thrilled that our Cynnig Cymraeg has been endorsed by the Welsh Language Commissioner. 

“Last week we heard that 33,000 new members have joined trade unions in Wales in the last year. Many of them will be Welsh speakers and we want them to feel welcome in our movement.  

“We also hope that being open about our commitment to communicating bilingually will help to attract more union members, especially younger workers who are more likely to speak Welsh.  

“As the number of Welsh speakers is only set to increase in the coming years, Wales TUC will work with trade unions to ensure that our movement is able to service its reps and members in the language of their choice. 

“At our Congress last week we reaffirmed our commitment to ensure that we support trade union reps to be able to conduct their union business in Welsh by producing and promoting bilingual support materials.”    

Deputy Welsh Language Commissioner, Gwenith Price, said:  

“The Cynnig Cymraeg logo is official recognition of an organisation’s commitment to using the Welsh language. When Wales TUC use this logo online and at events it will give people confidence to use Welsh.” 

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