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Following the announcement of a local lockdown in Caerphilly and discussions with trade unions, Wales TUC has called on the Welsh Government to re-think its approach to face coverings.

Wales TUC General Secretary, Shavanah Taj said:

“The local lockdown announced for Caerphilly demonstrates the severity of the threat that Covid 19 continues to pose. People are understandably anxious about what the rule changes will mean for them and it is vital that everyone has access to clear guidance.

The rise in cases should also now trigger a re-think in the Welsh Government’s approach to face coverings. We are concerned about reports suggesting that social distancing rules are no longer being followed in many shops and supermarkets. Equally, the current guidance which leaves decisions on face coverings in secondary schools to be made at a local level risks creating confusion and inconsistency.

Face coverings should now be made mandatory in shops and in secondary schools across Wales.

These developments also highlight the challenges in enforcing the Covid rules and we look forward to working closely with the Welsh Government and other partners through the new National Health and Safety forum to ensure that employers are meeting their obligations to keep their workers safe.”