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We need your help to understand how black and minority ethnic (BME) workers in Wales are treated during the coronavirus crisis and before. Do you feel that you have been treated unfairly or exposed to a higher level of risk than others?

BME workers have shared their experiences of being discriminated against in a number of ways - being singled out for more dangerous or difficult work, not getting access to adequate PPE, not being furloughed despite having health conditions, being targeted when hours or jobs are being cut and being racially abused by colleagues or customers.  This is on top of being paid unfairly, not given opportunities to progress or feeling discriminated against.

Often these workers don’t feel able to raise issues with their employer because of the fear of victimisation.

We want to support BME workers to give evidence of their experience at work, especially as your voices have been largely absent from the current debate.

We need BME workers to share their experiences of the Welsh workplace and give us your suggestions for what needs to change. We need to make sure that the voices of BME workers are put at the centre of any discussions both about the impact of Covid-19 on BME workers and how workplace racism should be tackled.

Don't let your concerns go unheard. Please take our survey.