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As part of our campaign to change the way the menopause is treated in the workplace, the Wales TUC has launched campaign resources including workplace posters and leaflets.
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Wales TUC has developed a series of toolkits and reports on the menopause aimed at helping trade union reps to work with employers to make improvements in the workplace. The resources which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, cover essential information about the menopause and look at some of the common workplace issues affecting those experiencing it.  They offers practical tools for trade union reps and examples of workplace adjustments, actions and checklists.  

If you would like something shorter, our online interactive eNote on the menopause takes around 20 minutes to complete.  Try our menopause online training module

To support reps working on this campaign, we now have new bilingual posters and postcards available to help raise awareness and campaign to change the way the menopause is treated in the workplace.  Paper copies of the toolkit, posters and postcards are available to order from the Wales TUC - email or tel 029 2034 7010.

For reps living or working in Wales, a 2-day classroom course for union reps is available:

Menopause in the workplace course for union reps

This two-day course has been designed for trade union reps and aims to create greater awareness of the menopause as a workplace issue. The course is for all union reps and aims to:

  • Create awareness of the menopause and the symptoms women can experience
  • Help reps consider various workplace factors that may negatively impact on workers experiencing the menopause
  • Consider practices and environments with the workplace that may put the health and safety of menopausal women at risk and/or may be considered discrimination against workers experiencing the menopause
  • Consider best practice for workplaces and unions to tackle the workplace issues facing workers experiencing the menopause.


Contact for information on when this course will be running again.