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The Midlands TUC works with regional unions in delivering TUC campaigns and objectives as well as representing the views of trade unions to organisations and stakeholders across the Midlands .

Decent Jobs Week: 15-20 December

Decent Jobs Week, 15-21 December 2014

Millions of people in the UK are trapped in lowpaid, insecure jobs. There are more than 1.4 million zero-hours contracts in use, offering no steady work. Others, such as agency and casual workers, lose out on important rights and benefits.

The recovery is creating new jobs but many are of poor quality. As a result, more and more people struggle to pay their rent, mortgage and heat their homes. Women and young workers are particularly affected.

Midlands TUC Reps Awards Night - November 28

On November 28th 270 trade unionists, employers and politicians came together to celebrate the work and achievement of trade union reps in the region


The Midlands TUC also provides the home for unionlearn in the region. Unionlearn provides a programme of accredited courses for trade union representatives whilst also promoting learning opportunities for trade union members. Visit unionlearn at: www.unionlearn.org.uk

To find out more about the Midlands TUC you can also download our latest Annual Report (PDF). Alternatively, get in touch if you have any questions.

Pics from across the Mids for Decent Jobs Week
20 December 2014
Pics pf 2014 Mids TUC Reps Awards Night
20 December 2014
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