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The TUC's Northern region staff represent the TUC by supporting TUC campaigns and objectives and seeking the views of trade unions in the region. Here you can find out more about us, our work and our campaigns.

Women 'Reclaim the Night' 

More than 150 women, men and children turned out to support the eighth annual Reclaim the Night event organised by the Northern TUC Women's Group on Saturday 22nd November. Download brief report and sign up to The Cost of Safety campaign and end means testing for women in need of safety.

Reclaim the Night

Bite Size Briefings

Bite Size Logo 2014

The next round of Bite Size Briefings take place from November to January 2014/15. Included in this round are:

  • Supporting Mid-life Development and the Climbing Frame
  • Domestic Violence and the Workplace
  • Defending the right to organise and represent members
  • Campaign and Coalition Planning
  • Getting the most from your iPad
  • Introduction to New and Digital Media

Northern TUC Regional Campaign Plan 2013-2015

Campaign Plan Logo

The Northern TUC enjoys the benefit of well organised, cohesive, broad and deep engagement from a wide range of trade unions in the north east and Cumbria.

The Regional Campaign Plan seeks to support workers in struggle and to enable trade unions to continue to be a progressive force for good, making real and positive difference to working people in the region.

At a time when most shares in Britain are held overseas and any one share is held, on average, for just a matter of months, shareholders can no longer be the sole stewards of the long‐term interests of a company. We will only see sustainable economic growth if we create...
26 January 2015
The government’s sledgehammer approach to public services has resulted in a growing social crisis for many of our communities, according to new analysis published by the TUC and the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES). The cuts in the North East have been worse than many feared because the Coalition...
19 January 2015
Trade union reps are the unsung heroes making a real...
13 January 2015
Enforcement of the national minimum wage must be continuously improved...
12 January 2015
As many workplaces prepare to shut down for the Christmas...
22 December 2014
The share of jobs in the North East accounted for...
16 December 2014