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Yorkshire and the Humber TUC Regional Council

Trades Unions and Trades Councils, (who represent trade union interest in local communities), are represented on the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Council and its Executive Committee. Delegates from these bodies are nominated to the Annual Meeting of the Regional Council, which is held  every year and which formulates the policy for the coming year. Delegates can also be nominated for seats on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets regularly throughout the year. Read more 

Barnsley and Fulham football club supporters joined forces on Sat 15 October to demand safer working conditions and proper workers right for those employed building World Cup venues in Qatar
19 October 2016
Photos of GMB's demo outside ASOS, Barnsley, as part of their campaign against the exploitation and abuse of workers there.
14 October 2016
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05 August 2016
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22 June 2016
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