Do you wake up every day wanting to fight the injustice you see on the news, in your workplace, or on the street? Whether its poverty, exploitation, racism, sexism, LGBT or disability discrimination, the fight against injustice is at the heart of what the trade union movement does.

So why wait for the next election?

Young people in Yorkshire are getting together to make a difference right now. Our cause is open to everyone – there’s no entry requirement. You’ve just got to want to change things.

Sign up to the Young Activists Network, where we run workshops on issues like mental health and LGBT rights; we run pub nights to hear from left wing speakers like McStrikers or new MPs; we’ve got social media (and real life!) campaigns against zero hours contracts and for a higher minimum wage; you can take part in festivals, events, and protest marches; and go on trips at home and abroad with fellow activists. You can organise to take action against global corporations, or get trained in the law and negotiation so you can represent hard working people against unscrupulous employers.

We need your voice. And it’s time for you to be heard. Sign up today

You can also join our Facebook group where we organise our activities on Facebook

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