Workers will have to raid savings to take case to tribunal, warns TUC

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date: 9 September 2013

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The TUC has today (Monday) slammed new plans to make workers with household savings of £3,000 pay the full cost of going to an employment tribunal.

Under the new proposals, announced today, any individual or household that has £3,000 in savings will not be entitled to any fee remission. From next month they will have to pay the maximum £1,200 fee to take a case to tribunal even if they are in a low-paid job or on means-tested benefits.

The TUC says the decision to prevent people with £3,000 household savings from being eligible for fee remission will affect over two-fifths of all UK households and more than a third of couples with children.

The TUC warned the proposals will force low-paid workers to raid their savings and deter them from pursuing genuine cases.

TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady said: 'These plans will seriously limit access to justice for those who have been prudent enough to put money aside for hard times.

'Forcing people to raid their savings will serve only to deter victims from challenging unlawful behaviour by employers and is yet another attack on people's rights at work.

'Low-paid and older workers are likely to be the biggest victims from these proposals that give even more power to Britain's worst bosses.'


- TUC analysis of the Family Resources Survey shows that 46 per cent of all UK households will not qualify for a remission and 39 per cent of couples with children will have to pay full fees. The proposals will also penalise older workers who are more likely to have savings.

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