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An effective union needs two things: the first is a
Well-being’ has become one of the most over-used phrases in
This guidance aims to ensure work experience schemes are high

unionlearn logoThe TUC work with unions and companies large and small across the country to develop lifelong learning in the workplace.

It's never too late to learn, develop your skills and change your life. That's the message of unionlearn, the education and skills organisation of the TUC and that is why unionlearn is bringing together unions and employers to participate and drive forward learning in the workplace and improve the nation's skills. Find out more about unionlearn.

You can get all you need from unionlearn's website; order free materials; search the publications area and download copies free of charge; get daily updates of the latest news; details of campaigns, and information from the regions; find a complete list of all TUC Education courses for reps and officers; find what you need to know about developing skills for life; sign up for regular email alerts.

The TUC and education unions are actively campaigning for better education policies. This area of work can be found under Education and Schools and Skills Policy.

The Northern TUC wants to demonstrate and acknowledge the range of work currently undertaken by lay union representatives on behalf of their members and the community. The TUC will be making an award to the trade unionist who represents the best aspects of being a union learning representative. This is...
09 January 2017
The TUC response opposes the central proposal in the green paper to expand grammar schools. According to all the major research findings, this will benefit wealthier families, discriminate against poorer families, and undermine the status and capacity of many existing good schools in local areas. The other key proposals in...
13 December 2016
Trade union reps, interested in furthering their knowledge and skills, are encouraged to apply for the latest round of courses run by TUC Education in the region. These 'blended' courses are a mix of classroom based and online learning and will be one day per week over a ten week...
02 August 2016
Commenting on the publication today of the government’s white paper in response to the recommendations of the Independent Panel on Technical Education, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
08 July 2016
National Apprenticeship Week (14 to 18 March) celebrate apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy. Good apprenticeships are union business - helping tomorrow's workers get the skills they need to move on in their careers, and to help build a fairer economy. Trade...
15 March 2016
An effective union needs two things: the first is a strong membership within the workplace; the second is high membership involvement. By encouraging members to participate, much more can be achieved than if members expect the union to ‘sort things out’. This resource is designed to help you achieve more...
24 February 2016
For every £1 spent on union supported learning and training, the economy gets £9.15 back, according to a new study we’ve published this month. The report, based on findings from the University of Exeter, shows that £5.75 of this £9.15 economic return comes from the boost union-led training gives to...
22 February 2016
12 February 2016 For every £1 spent on union-led training the economy gets £9 back, new report reveals For every £1 spent on union supported learning and training, the economy gets £9.15 back, according to a new study published by the TUC today (Friday). The report, based on findings from...
12 February 2016
An outstanding educational experience, in a stunning setting awaits trade unionists seeking to progress to BA or MA study. The BA in international labour and trade union studies (ILTUS) and MA in global labour and social change (GLSC) at Ruskin College, Oxford are recruiting students now for new courses starting...
11 January 2016
Well-being’ has become one of the most over-used phrases in the English language. It helps sell anything from yoghurt to holidays, pillows to pills. For some people the phrase refers to levels of happiness, while others think of it as a healthy body and mind. There is even a national...
11 December 2015