Health and Safety

TUC and BSC jointly call for stiffer penalties to be given to bosses who break the law.
01 December 1999
Inadequate sentencing for bosses who commit health and safety crimes is the focus of a joint report from the TUC and British Safety Council to be launched in December 1999.
25 November 1999
Eighty four percent of safety reps in finance sector are worried about the level of stress in the sector, and 17% are concerned about RSI, according to figures from the TUC released today at a TUC conference on health and safety in the banking industry.
03 November 1999
The Repetitive Strain Injury Association (RSI Association) will mark its ten years of existence at a private fund-raising reception in the river room of the Lord Chancellor's Residence at the House of Lords on Wednesday 3 November 1999.
03 November 1999
Women employees suffering from back pain will be marking new TUC/BackCare body maps in workplaces across the country to encourage their employers to take the problem more seriously.
25 October 1999
No smoke without choice in the workplace, says TUC
14 October 1999
TUC urges reform of company law to cut workplace injuries
14 October 1999
TUC and BackCare launch a month of action in workplaces around Great Britain and the report, Putting back pain on the map.
04 October 1999
The continued use of organo-phosphate (OP) sheep dips is causing unnecessary suffering to farmers and farm workers and should be banned immediately, says the TUC.
15 September 1999
Recent developments and current TUC thinking about safety reps is set out in a State-of-the-unions report by Pete Kirby and Owen Tudor, issued to unions and union appointees on health and safety bodies today (Monday).
01 September 1999