Health and Safety

The TUC welcomes the European Commission's announcement (Tuesday) to ban imports of asbestos into the European Union by 2005 at the latest.
28 July 1999
Responding to the Health and Safety Executive figures on workplace injuries, and welcoming the downward trend in workplace deaths.
28 July 1999
TUC chief economist, Bill Callaghan, is to be the new Chair of the Health and Safety Commission, the government has announced.
28 July 1999
Comment on new UCL research on RSI.
22 July 1999
Today`s decision by the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) to introduce a total ban on asbestos could be jeopardised by Canadian attempts to overturn this and all previous UK and European rulings in the pursuit of free trade, according to the TUC.
12 May 1999
Nearly 12 million women could be risking their health just by going into work every day, according to a new TUC report out today which warns that current safety laws have been shaped with men`s concerns in mind.
29 April 1999
Working in a call centre, as a motorcycle courier or as a sound engineer may be a hazard to your hearing, according to a new report, released today (tuesday).
16 March 1999
Employers and unions must work together to ensure workplace policies to prevent sexual harassment and bullying are effective, the TUC says today (Thursday).
16 March 1999
The TUC has called on the government to establish a new National Biotechnology Council with wide representation by both experts and stakeholder groups.
19 February 1999
The TUC and The Industrial Society join forces today (Thursday) to launch a new video on workplace bullying.
12 February 1999