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In 2011 a total of 6078 injuries caused by violence in the workplace were reported, while the number of physical assaults was 341, 000 with a further 313,000 being threatened by violence. Of those 43% had previously been assaulted or threatened.

Workers in the protective services, for example police  and prison officers, were most at risk of violence at work, with 8.4% having experienced violence. Health and social welfare associate professionals, including nurses, medical and dental practitioners were also at relatively high risk. Shop workers and teachers also suffer from high levels of violence in the workplace.


HSE: Work related violence

Violence against shopworkers is ‘still a big problem’ Violence, threats and harassment at work are still major problems facing shopworkers, surveys from their union and the retail industry have shown. John Hannett, leader of the shopworkers’ union Usdaw, launched the results of Usdaw’s latest Freedom From Fear survey this week,...
23 January 2015
Retail union Usdaw has published a new guide for union reps on the prevention of violence in the sector.
23 August 2013
An FBU rep who died last year has been given a posthumous award for her work tackling violence in the workplace.
16 November 2012
Unison in Scotland have claimed that a 'toxic cocktail' of cutbacks and violence against public service workers has resulted in a huge increase in the number of violent incidents reported to employers.
02 November 2012
Public sector union UNISON is calling on its safety reps to take ‘active steps' to tackle violence at work after a court said employers can be held liable for worker-on-worker violence.
17 August 2012
Physical assaults at work increased last year but threats of violence fell, official statistics have revealed.
27 January 2012
The retail union Usdaw has expressed concern at a 'huge leap' in abuse of shopworkers.
20 January 2012
Retail union Usdaw is to undertake nationwide activities to press for an end to violence, threats and abuse directed at shopworkers.
30 September 2011
Journalists must be protected from violent attacks from groups like the English Defence League (EDL), unions have said.
23 September 2011
A new union reps' survey tool aims to address the violence risk to retail staff.
09 September 2011