Gender and Occupational Safety and Health

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Download TUC gender checklist (PDF) Introduction People come in all

The TUC has reconvened its Women’s Health and Safety Working Group. The Group is focussing on a gender-sensitive approach to occupational health and safety and ensuring equal rights to protection for all workers. A Network has been set up so that safety reps can post

  • details of recent research on GOSH
  • information about what is happening in the UK, Europe and other countries
  • requests for information on particular topics
  • experience of dealing with gender and health and safety issues
  • debates about the best way to develop a gender sensitive approach.

It has produced a guide to gender issues and health and safety.


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Women’s health and safety

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Pregnancy and Work.  What you need to know as an employee

Download A TUC guide on gender in occupational safety and health (PDF) Introduction Unions are committed to improving the working lives and conditions of all workers. Pressing for healthy, safe workplaces for everyone is part and parcel of the union representative’s role. Being aware of the issues relating to gender...
21 April 2017
Download TUC gender checklist (PDF) Introduction People come in all shapes and when it comes to health and safety the “one size fits all” approach just does not apply. Nowhere is that clearer than when we are looking at gender. Considering gender in health and safety is a very real...
21 April 2017
The Equal Opportunities Commission recently found that the majority of employers failed to undertake the legally required risk assessments to protect new or expectant mothers at work. Around 350,000 women continue to work during their pregnancy every year and of those, 69% return to work after giving birth.
20 May 2005
This briefing for safety representatives explains what their employers should do to ensure the protection of pregnant women and new mothers.
15 April 2005