The TUC Stress MoT - Organisation survey

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TUC Stress MOT

Work-related stress
European Week for Health and Safety 2002

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Write ‘Pass’ against questions where you are able to answer 'yes' and ‘Fail’ against questions where the answer is 'no'. Where you do not know the answer (do try hard to find out!) leave the question blank.

1. Does your employer collect details of stress-related sickness absence?

2. Is the overall sickness absence rate in the organisation below the national average of 9.3 days a year per employee?

3. If someone took sick leave for stress-related reasons, would your employer attempt to identify whether the stress was work-related?

4. Does your employer have a policy for dealing with workplace stress?

5. Does your employer’s policy on workplace stress cover health and safety, equality and human resources issues?

6. Were safety reps or the union consulted in the development of your organisation’s stress policy?

7. Are audits or risk assessments carried out for workplace stress?

8. Are safety reps involved in stress risk assessments?

9. Does your employer have/provide copies of HSE guidance on preventing work-related stress?

10. Are managers given training on managing workplace stress?

11. Are staff given information on workplace stress?

12. Are staff generally confident that they can report suffering from stress, or give stress as the reason for sickness absence, without fear of discipline?

13. Do/would managers act in a sympathetic way to people suffering from workplace stress?

14. Are confidential counselling or similar services available for workers suffering from workplace stress?

15. Would your employer be prepared to alter working conditions or practices (such as hours, workload or specific tasks) to help someone suffering from stress?

Details of scoring are set out in the accompanying briefing.


Instructions on how to complete this form

European agency for safety and health
Produced with financial assistance from the European Agency for safety and health.

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