European Health and Safety Week takes place in October each year and is designed to raise awareness of health and safety.

The European Agency for Safety and Health describes the week as: "Aimed at people in organisations, companies and workplaces of all sizes and sectors. Everybody involved in occupational safety and health matters is invited to take part, especially safety and health institutions and occupational insurance organisations, trade unions and employers' organisations, companies, managers, employees and safety representatives."

Health and Safety Week 2016 will take place in the fourth week of October.(Monday 24 - Sunday 30 October). Make sure you put this date in your diary now! The theme is "healthy workplaces for all ages" and the TUC has produced  guidance on how to deal with it. 

The week is run by the European Agency for Safety and Health who have published a site full of news, materials and activities. In the UK the week is being coordinated by the Health and Safety Executive.

The TUC will be undertaking a number of initiatives during the week.

The Wednesday of European Health and Safety Week (26th October) is traditionally National Inspection Day when all safety representatives are encouraged to inspect their workplace.

European Agency for Safety and health
Risk Assessment - A Safety Representatives Guide

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