European Health and Safety Week

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Maintenance work can be hazardous. Although it is estimated that

European Health and Safety Week takes place in October each year and is designed to raise awareness of health and safety.

The European Agency for Safety and Health describes the week as: "Aimed at people in organisations, companies and workplaces of all sizes and sectors. Everybody involved in occupational safety and health matters is invited to take part, especially safety and health institutions and occupational insurance organisations, trade unions and employers' organisations, companies, managers, employees and safety representatives."

Health and Safety Week 2016 will take place in the fourth week of October.(Monday 24 - Sunday 30 October). Make sure you put this date in your diary now! The theme is "healthy workplaces for all ages" and the TUC has produced  guidance on how to deal with it. 

The week is run by the European Agency for Safety and Health who have published a site full of news, materials and activities. In the UK the week is being coordinated by the Health and Safety Executive.

The TUC will be undertaking a number of initiatives during the week.

The Wednesday of European Health and Safety Week (26th October) is traditionally National Inspection Day when all safety representatives are encouraged to inspect their workplace.

European Agency for Safety and health
Risk Assessment - A Safety Representatives Guide

To coincide with 'National Inspection Day' when all safety representatives are asked to inspect their workplace, the TUC has produced a simple guide to inspections.
31 August 2016
The 11 th biennial TUC survey of union health and safety representatives, published today (Friday) during European Health and Safety at Work Week, finds the top-five cited hazards were stress, bullying and harassment, overwork, back strains and slips, and trips and falls on a level. In top place was stress...
24 October 2014
Maintenance work can be hazardous. Although it is estimated that 6% of the working population are involved in maintenance work (not always all the time), it is estimated that, throughout Europe, between 15 and 20% of injuries at work happen during maintenance work.
22 July 2010
Stress or overwork, injuries and illnesses caused by the poor use of display screen equipment and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) top the list of workers' safety concerns, according to the TUC's biennial survey of safety reps published today (Monday).
27 October 2008
The TUC has today (Monday) launched a new charter to enhance the role of safety representatives in the workplace.
20 October 2008
The TUC has today (Monday) busted the most common health and safety myths including schools banning conkers, safety inspectors banning ladders, acrobats being forced to wear helmets and councils banning St George's flags.
23 October 2006
As four million under 25 year olds go to work this summer and over 250,000 start their first job, the TUC is today (Wednesday) warning them to make sure they don't become one of the 16-24 year olds seriously injured at work every 40 minutes in the UK or killed...
09 August 2006
RNID and the TUC are today (Monday) warning that changes in the Licensing Act, allowing 24 hour opening, will lead to an increased likelihood of workers in bars, clubs and pubs being exposed to dangerously loud noise for longer. They fear extended opening hours will mean the 568,000 people already...
24 October 2005
A world class city must have world class workplaces, that means aspiring to and achieving world class standards of health and safety at work – not for some, but for all. And the roadmap for turning that dream into a reality includes there being a health and safety rep in...
19 November 2004
The lives of workers and members of the public are being put at risk because too few employers are receiving visits from health and safety inspectors, according to the interim results of a new TUC safety survey released today (Wednesday).
20 October 2004