Disability and health and safety

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Disability and health and safety

The Health and Safety Executive is urging employers, unions and union reps to make better use of its guidance on disability and health and safety. The guide, which is available online, 'promotes good practice in disability equality at work and health and safety risk assessment.' HSE says it suggests how to do risk assessments involving disabled job applicants and employees 'with a minimum of fuss.' It also provides links to information and financial grants - these help businesses make the sort of workplace adjustments that enable disabled people to enter and stay in work. According to TUC head of safety Hugh Robertson: 'Too often, employers try to use 'health and safety' as an excuse not to employ disabled people. In fact disabled workers do not compromise safety so long as a full individual risk assessment is done. This welcome guidance shows how it can be done and also gives practical case studies that safety representatives will be able to use in ensuring that employers do not discriminate against disabled people under the spurious disguise of 'health and safety'.'

Health and safety for disabled people and their employers, HSE [pdf


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