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It is common to hear stories of the “Compensation Culture”
TUC proposals for improving access to justice for claimants

HSE listed 173 fatal workplace injuries in 2011/12 and these have over 200,000 non-fatal work injuries. In 2010/11 an estimated 1.9 million people in Great Britain were suffering from an illness they believed was caused or made worse by their current or past work.

There are about 100,000 successful personal injury claims a year, normally paid by the insurer providing employers' liability insurance. Unions win the lion's share of personal injury compensation payouts. Each year settle claims worth over £300 million.

Trade unions provide legal advice and support for pursuing compensation claims for occupational injuries and work-related diseases. Increasingly unions also provide legal support for non work-related issued workers and their families, including road traffic accidents.


What's your body worth?

Industrial Injuries Advisory Council

The Compensation Myth: TUC Report on 7 myths surrounding compensation in the workplace

This is a short guide for representatives and union members on how to claim IIDB.
19 September 2016
Workplace compensation cases have fallen by more than 50 per cent in the last decade, reveals a new joint report published today (Wednesday) by the TUC and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). It is common to hear stories that the UK is rife with a compensation culture and...
16 April 2014
It is common to hear stories that the UK is rife with a compensation culture and is becoming risk averse as a result of compensation claims. However, The Compensation Myth – which tackles seven myths about compensation – smashes this misconception and finds that there were 183,342 compensation claims in...
15 April 2014
Unison vows to continue the fight for justice The union UNISON has vowed to appeal after its court challenge to “punitive” employment tribunal fees was rejected by High Court judges. The fees introduced on 29 July last year mean workers can be required to pay up to £1,200 for taking...
14 February 2014
Government blocks justice for mesothelioma victims Eight years ago the TUC proposed a no-fault fund of last resort for people who were injured or who developed a disease through work but where their employer had not got insurance, or the insurer could not be traced. The proposal was adopted by...
10 January 2014
The TUC has criticised a new push by insurers and the government to limit access to compensation.
09 August 2013
The government is being dishonest about the UK's 'compensation culture' in order to justify cutting basic health and safety protections at work, according to a TUC-backed report.
02 August 2013
This Government's insurer led agenda transforming the way that personal injury claims are dealt with, along with a raft of other changes amounts to an attack on access to justice on a scale that this country has never seen.
05 July 2013
The government has successfully pushed through a new law that will remove the right to claim compensation for injuries caused by a criminal breach of workplace health and safety regulations.
26 April 2013
The introduction later this month of a 'savaged' version of the government scheme to compensate people injured in violent crimes has been condemned by retail union Usdaw.
16 November 2012