Time for Change: Health & Safety manifesto

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A trade union manifesto for reclaiming health and safety at work

Health & Safety Time for Change CoverIn recent years the consensus on health and safety that has existed almost unbroken since the 1937 Factories Act has begun to break down. Rather than seeing health and safety legislation as a necessary protection for workers, many politicians now claim that it is a 'burden on business'.

Trade unions have developed a list of 10 simple measures, outlined in our manifesto for reclaiming health and safety at work (PDF), which we want to see from a future government. If implemented they would have a huge impact in reducing the toll of death, injury and illness which is still an everyday part of working life for so many people.

Download: Health & Safety: Time for Change (PDF).

Time for Change bulletin

We will also publish a series of Time for Change bulletins:

The Government record on H&S [PDF]

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