BAREFOOT Research: A Workers' Manual for Organising On Work Security

Margaret Keith, James Brophy, Peter Kirby, Ellen Rosskam, 2002

cover of barefoot research This manual has been developed to help empower workers to increase their level of control over their own work situations, to protect their health and well being, and to improve their level of basic security. This is a practical guide, providing workers, and employers, with tools to: identify work security problems, tackle problems from a worker centred perspective, use barefoot research tools, use the results of Barefoot Research to improve their work security, organize for work security.

The manual was developed by the International Labour Office, but is now hosted by the TUC. However it is for free distribution and we encourage groups to make their own wide distribution of this unique tool."

You can either download the manual in full or section by section:

Download the full Worker's Manual for Organising On Work Security (6.65Mb PDF)

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