Trade Union Recognition

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Commenting on the publication today of the government’s productivity plan, TUC General Secretary, Frances O’Grady said: “Trade unions stand ready to play a positive role in delivering the productivity growth the UK urgently needs. And we call on the government to use the autumn spending review to back this plan...
10 July 2015
Responding to the Queen’s Speech today (Wednesday), TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Working people will be worried by a Queen’s Speech that declares open season on so many of their rights and protections.
27 May 2015
There will be a rally at Leeds City Council Chambers on 28 April to examine the issues of Defeating Austerity, Free Trade Deals and Attacks on Trade union Rights. See our events page for full details of this free event.
22 April 2015
On Thursday 1 May, trade unionists will join the traditional London May Day march to celebrate International Workers Day and call for better employment and trade union rights for workers in Britain and abroad. Britain fails to meet the minimum standards set by the UN International Labour Organisation. May Day...
29 April 2003
Judges at the European Court of Human Rights today unanimously made a ruling in favour of trade union members Dave Wilson and Terrence Palmer, which will stop employers from penalising workers who want to be represented by a union at work
02 July 2002
TUC General Secretary, John Monks, has told the UCATT annual conference that US style union busting techniques will not work if imported into the UK.
07 June 2000
The Central Arbitration Committee (CAC), the body which will make decisions on claims for union recognition, opens its doors today (Tuesday) as trade unions report a climate of more voluntary deals than ever before.
06 June 2000