Proposed Changes to Law

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The TUC has published a report today (Thursday) that sets out which workers’ rights in the UK are underpinned by EU rules – and would therefore be at risk if the UK votes to leave the EU. UK Employment Rights and the EU provides a comprehensive assessment of the employment...
25 February 2016
TUC response to government consultation, January 2016.
15 January 2016
There will be a rally at Leeds City Council Chambers on 28 April to examine the issues of Defeating Austerity, Free Trade Deals and Attacks on Trade union Rights. See our events page for full details of this free event.
22 April 2015
In this report, the TUC argues that the NMW enforcement regime must be subject to a process of continual improvement in order to keep up with those employers who actively look for new ways to try to evade their responsibility to pay the minimum wage.
08 January 2015
The TUC has issued a briefing for Members of the European Parliament ahead of crucial votes, starting next week, on the EU Posted Workers Enforcement Directive. The TUC would prefer it if the vote in the European Parliament employment committee (and subsequently the vote in plenary) were to be postponed;...
14 March 2014
The TUC has today (Monday) lodged a formal complaint with the European Commission against the UK government for failing to implement the Temporary Agency Workers Directive properly, leading to tens of thousands of agency workers being paid less than permanent staff despite doing the same job.
02 September 2013
Government plans to strip workers of basic employment rights in return for potentially worthless company shares will turn working parents into second-class staff, the TUC warns today (Monday).
02 November 2012
The TUC is fundamentally opposed to the introduction of no fault dismissals which would generate a ‘hire and fire culture' in the UK..
08 June 2012
TUC response to Ministry of Justice consultation.
13 March 2012
A guide to the Agency Worker Regulations 2010
28 September 2011