Gangmasters Licensing Authority

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Ensure that gangmasters operate with a licence

Ensure that labour users only use gangmasters with a licence

Make sure that gangmasters comply with licensing standards which ensure that agency workers:

Are provided by a gangmaster who is considered to be a 'fit and proper person'

Receive the National Minimum Wage

Are provided with safe accommodation and transport services

Are prevented from physical and mental mistreatment

If you suspect that vulnerable workers in your workplace are having their basic employment rights breached you can make a complaint to the relevant enforcement body to ensure that the employer complies with the minimum legal standard that a worker is entitled to. It may be possible for you to resolve the issues with the employer in the first instance. If this isn't possible the threat of involving an enforcement body or the actual assistance from an enforcement officer may force a rogue employer to act.

The TUC has worked with the enforcement agencies to compile a set of videos outlining the role of each agency, the powers of their officers and the sanctions they can impose on employers. Please see the links below for further information.

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